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Door Warpage Issue???

pig sooie

Joined Oct 30, 2013
I need to fix the warpage issue on my somker. When I was framing out the door I didnt get a good bend on the flat bar on the arc of the tank, so when I tacked it into place their was a slight gap at the bottom but not bad. So then I welded it completely on and the gap grew. Well I decided I would just use clamps and it would not be that big of an issue. Then I did my burnout and it really got worse, about 1.5" at the bottom. I know I can bend and shape it back if I had an oxy acetylene tourch but i dont. My question is since i was wanting to get one anyway to start my basket can I use a brush burner to get the metal hot enough to bend easily? I need to heat a decent size area to get it shaped back into position. The flat bar is 1/4 inch and the tank is a little under 3/16. The one I was looking at is at the Big Orange Store for $50 and is the Lincoln Electric Inferno it has a rating of 500,000 BTU. Any advice would be appreciated before I purchased it. Thank you


Meat Mopper
Joined Sep 2, 2013
Take some photos and post them on here.... Also you can do a search on this forum because I recently read about another person that had the same issues and got it squared away. Good luck

the smoke break

Smoke Blower
Joined Sep 10, 2013
You can take 2x4's or similar and place it either outside or inside your door...whichever you need depending on the bend you need.... then take a couple wide cargo straps (the good ones) and cinch it up real tight and let it sit. Might help. 

gary s

Gone but not forgotten. RIP
OTBS Member
Joined Jan 6, 2011
Post some pictures of your door so everyone can see and better help you.


top shot bbq

Smoke Blower
Joined Oct 31, 2013
I don't see the weed-burner working for you, a porta-power unit will do what you need. you will have to weld on some anchor points. It will be trial and error of where to put your anchors. If you post pics I can help ya figure out where and how to pull.

Porta-power can be rented at most of your too; rental joints


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