Does the kettle make my butt look big?

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Jun 30, 2018
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I started out early Sunday morning by injecting an 8.5lb pork butt. Now, I usually don't inject butts, so I wanted to give a try.
I used just a basic injection consisting of:

3/4 cup of apple juice
1/4 cup ACV
1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 Tbsp melted butter - not margarine.
3 Tbsp rub - BGE Savory Pecan

Injected, wrapped tightly, and into the fridge for 8 hours. The injection really pumped up that butt.
After 8 hours in the fridge, applied yellow mustard for the binder and applied the rub which was a 50/50 blend of Blues Hog Sweet and Savory and BGE Savory Pecan. Back into the fridge while I get the kettle set up.
Used the SnS in the kettle with a full water trough, Kingsford Original Briquettes, applewood chunks, and a pan underneath to collect the juices.

Here's a couple pics after placing the butt on the grate at 4:30 PM.

Here's a couple of pics after 5 hours in. No spritzing.

Hit the stall at 167° around 11:30 PM.
Topped off with more charcoal, wood chunks, refilled the water trough, and called it a night.
I never wrap at the stall.

At around 2:00-2:30 AM, the dog wakes me up. She needs to go outside. IT is now at 171° and out of the stall.
Checked on the fire and added a few more coals then went back to sleep.
Got back up around 5:45 AM and go to make a cup of coffee when Mrs. SHS says she can't smell any smoke.
IT is at 189° and the kettle is running at 237°.
So I grab a smallish chunk of apple and toss it on so we can enjoy our coffee with the smell of smoke and the sunrise.
It makes for a beautiful morning.
Also, opened up the lid and bowl vents to crank up the temps to 275°
At 7:30ish AM, the IT is at 196° and the butt is probing tender. Time to pull it off.
Added a 1/4 cup of defatted juices to the foil and wrapped the butt and placed it in a towel lined cooler for 2.5 hours.

Here is the finished product after resting in the cooler.
20220919_092657.jpg 20220919_092728.jpg

Bone came out nice and clean.

Let's get to pulling some pork and adding back the juices.
20220919_092853.jpg 20220919_093913.jpg

PP sammy and store bought potato salad for breakfast. Yum!

Thanks for looking.



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Great way to start the morning.
Thank you Norman.
It sure was a great start to the day.

Great write-up, super nice char, and a beautiful butt! Nice work Stu! RAY
Ray, thank you very much.
The bark was so good too.

Nice cook Stu and great looking PP, would make for a breakfast of champions in my book!
Thanks Cliff.
Now, some folks might not agree with us about a PP sandwich for breakfast.
Though, I think they don't hang out on SMF.

Nice job! :emoji_thumbsup:
I love to see a butt done on a simple kettle.
For the new peeps getting into Q, this is a prime example of simple equipment, fire control and patience.
Thanks! That's exactly what it is all about.

looks amazing!! nice job and thanks for sharing it!

Thanks, tbern.
To be honest, I wasn't planning on posting this cook. But, figured it had been a while since I had posted anything.

Do love a little smoke in the morning!
Thanks. There is just something about the smell of smoke in the morning. Addiction, maybe? :emoji_laughing:

That is a good looking butt you got there boy! 😉🤪
:emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing: Thanks Jim. Mrs. SHS agrees with you. :emoji_laughing:

My Lord, look at the bark on that butt!

Edit: Look at the butt on that bark. :emoji_laughing:

Thanks, Colin. If the butt doesn't have that bark, then it ain't a butt. If that makes any sense?

Looks great. That’s all I use anymore is the kettle’s. I have to admit though I’ve never used my charcoal baskets for the 22” just use snake method but need to give it a try. I Think it’s time to sell my masterbuilt

Thanks! To be honest, I really deliberated over using the SnS versus the snake. Then I figured if I didn't use the SnS, Mrs. SHS would demand a detailed explanation as to why. At least, now know that I can stack at least 84 briquettes in the SnS. :emoji_laughing:
Hang onto the Masterbuilt because you never know when you might need a back up.
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That looks delicious! I love your type of breakfast!

Thanks Ryan. The only thing missing was an ice cold beer.
Looks great Stu . Nice work bud . The baskets work great BTW .
Good breakfast too . I use PP mixed into bisquick batter or leftover mashed potatoes to make waffles . Good stuff .

Thank you, Rich. I've been toying the idea of getting the baskets especially for when I use the big oval dutch oven in the kettle. The baskets sure would make for a "cleaner" parallel set up.

PP in mashed potatoes sounds delicious.
BTW, PP street tacos are on tonight's dinner menu.
Nice work on that kettle. Love the bark on that butt! Looks delicious too!

Thank you Justin.
When Mrs. SHS and I sampled a few chunks before shredding, it was pure barky goodness.
That little kettle did its job very well.

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