Does heat remove smoke?

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Dec 7, 2010
so today I cold smoked some cheese, and that worked out well.  I used my new smoke daddy on my GOSM two drawer.  lots of smoke and the creosote build up isnt too bad.  

After smoking the cheese, I turned on the propane heat and then I noticed that the smoke that was coming out of the damper previously was not really coming out anymore.  

So it looks like the heat somehow gets rid of the smoke, does anyone know if this sounds right?  Why does this happen? Am I doing something wrong?
The heat doesn't get rid of the smoke but the heat does change the thermal dynamics.

 Ammount of and speed of airflow in the smoker.

 So you may have the same ammount of smoke but w/ the air moving faster it may not look the same.
Who stole the smoke?  Nobody actually.  As Eman said, it gets changed into something different.  For the GOSM smoker (and most other smokers, by the way)  you need to be checking for the smell of smoke, not necessarily seeing it, especially when hot smoking.  I usually just wave my hand across the top vent, trying to push some of the output towards my face, checking for the smell of burning wood.  As one of our wise members once said, if you can smell the smoke, the meat can smell it too.  If, by the way, you've got lots of smoke, just rolling out each orfice, you've got too much smoke and it's going to affect the taste perhaps.

I would think that if you had the Smoke Daddy set up correctly you should not have any creosote at all.  Creosote is usually the sign of too much smoke and improper air flow so I think I would check my set up and the air flow into the smoke chamber as creosote should not be forming if the air flow and smoke generator is set up and working correctly!  Check it out!

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