does anyone use store bought rubs or spice or BBQ sauce???

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  1. Not a fan of Cabelas KC rub but I do like the Mountain Man Bourbon, Maple Jalapeno, Jamican Island Rum, and my favorite for ribs is Honey Pecan.  Would like to know if anyone else uses these.
  2. Im using store bought just to see how everything turns out before i start making my own.  But i will agree homemade rubs/sauces are better
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    ive tried a bunch of different home made rubs and only a few storebought rubs. Emerills oringal essence in the blue shaker is a really good rub on pork butts. And suprisingly Famous Dave has a really really good chicken rub.
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  4. bnew17

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     do you have that recipe for the emerils Bam, and how does it compare to the original essence?
  5. viper1

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    Use Jan's rub and shacks BBQ. Both you make your self and both get excellent reviews. But thanks anyway.
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    I don't use anything but KC Masterpiece. Haven't for years. I love it.
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    I make most of my own Rub's and Sauces ... BUT

    Anything from Penzeys is Top Notch.   for Grilling these are all excellent.    

    Northwood's and Northwoods fire are awesome on fish and veggies.  My cupboards are full of their products.

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  8. I make all my own rubs and sauces. As for spices... I try to only buy Spice Islands Brand because of their quality. If your local store doesn't carry them you can order them online. Trust me they are awesome.
  9. Neely's BBQ Sauce.
  10. I have tons of store bought rubs sitting in my pantry....98% of them unopened.

    It's more fun making your own. So much little time. ;)
  11. i dont do the whole homemade rub time or space for a buncha little bottles of things laying i pretty much use anything by plowboys, sometimes i venture out and try a few new things here and there like "the squeal" "3 little pigs rubs" "rub some butt carolina style rub"..that about sums them anyone used todd's dirt? it looks unappealing to me...but ive heard some things here and there about it.
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    I've bought rubs and sauces, still do. But its kind of like driving 55 miles an hour. I WANTA GO FAST!!! Besides I am finding now my taste seems to be changing towards a more minimalistic approach. Salt pepper garlic paprika, occasionally sugar. Apple juice and apple cider vinegar is good, sometimes I incorporate fresh veggies or fruits. I used some apricot in a chicken the other day was out-frinkin-standing! Thinking that may be my Thanksgiving turkey this year. If its not competition use what you have, and sometimes shake it up a little. Surprise those you cook for, they can buy BBQ down the road at the County Line BBQ shack, but can they get it like you make it?

    Just my thoughts!
  13. av8tor

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    The only store bought sauce we will use is SBR's.  
  14. I have used a few like Mistys, Cookies, and Famous Daves, all are good seasonings, but for rubs on smoked meat I've found it VERY easy to get way to much salt flavor.  I'm now starting with a common base for a rub and going to tweak it to my liking.  I do still like Cookies hot & spicy BBQ sauce though.
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  16. kathrynn

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    I actually like what I make...but I do like Lotta Bull's rubs too.

  17. kcphilaflyer

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    Smoking Guns makes a great 'hot' rub and kc style sauce, use it for ribs, for pork all kinds of rubs but I really like slap yo daddys hot rub on pork butts and just got his chicken rub in the mail today and excited to use it.  One of these days I'll start experimenting with my own rubs but for now these do the trick nicely.
  18. I like Bad Byron's Butt Rub and Blue's Hog.
  19. ferd66

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    Weber Kansas City Style BBQ Dry Rub isn't bad for a store bought dry rub.  I bought some dumped in a bowl and added a little more cayenne and put it back in the shaker.  I'll try making my own when this one is gone.
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    I make my own as well, but I am glad to see someone else likes Blues's Hog!!!  Great backup rub!!  [​IMG]

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