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does anyone use store bought rubs or spice or BBQ sauce???

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we  live in  illinois and  my  wife does all  this Couponing and  get  the stuff  for cheap thought maybe  someone would want  some or  do  some type of tradeing

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I've used a few, with fairly unsatisfactory results. But then again, some people might not like my homemade rubs and sauces. I guess it's all a matter of taste. 

I like the idea of an exchange though. Hopefully you'll get some takers.

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It's so much better to make your own. Everyone has such different tastes and you can fine tune your recipe until it's perfect for you. It's also a lot cheaper to make your own.

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yea i  was  sure most  people make  there own just  thought i offer


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I do like Head Country BBQ Sauce.... The rest of the stuff I use Rub's & Sauces I make up, Jeff"s Rub on here is really good.

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Sweet baby rays....baby! I don't use anything else, it is just simply the best IMO.


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i use  Jack Daniel's

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I've used SBR's, good suff, always have a bottle of it around. As for rubs, I use Jeff's with

a little tweeking, McCormick's has some nice new ones, and some times, I just go with

SPOG and call it good.

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I have used the rubs from Cookshack, and some of the Con Yeager stuff. As for sauces I have people around that love the SBR I buy Cattlemans Gold by the gallon, and make my own sauce also, also make some of my own rubs


What are you looking to do or trade, I am a bit confused. I do know all about the coupon thing, my mother used to do that all the time.

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I've used sweet baby ray's as a base for my BBQ sauce. Other stuff gets added to it though, like onions, beer, and spices.

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I make my own sauces....I have more control what goes in them...with that being said ..sometimes i make a great sauceyahoo.gif and  sometimes I'm playing in the kitchen and make a dog....wife.gif

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I make my own sauces, they can require a lot of prep and we just love them.  BUT my wife still tells me to put a bit of the cheap Kraft BBQ sauce in it.  Seems that she is so used to the taste of the kraft sauce it isn't BBQ sauce without a hint of it.  I am afraid our friends and family have trained her taste buds.  Like good wine and great BBQ when they have had the bad stuff for so long it takes a while to train them to appreciate the good stuff.

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SBR. Sometimes I'll add molasses and bourbon to it. I got like 5 bottles of it at Christmas last year.

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I found this one at Whole Foods the other day.  LowCountry Vinegar Barbecue Sauce.  It is damn good!  I used it for coleslaw dressing last night.  I would love to try and duplicate it.  But with 1/2 gallons and gallons available, I might just take the plunge and buy a gallon. 



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I use lemon pepper often just not by itself as a base on brisket and pork ribs and often with 

stubs lime rub or Traeger prim rib rub sometimes with a yellow mustard cap 



 getting too complex and fancy with rubs can sometimes ruin a good BBQ


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For briskets and PPB I make my own, but for an all purpose, delicious sauce that's great on beef pork or chicken, I have to go with Curley's. They are an outfit out of Kansas and make the best bottled sauce I've ever bought.


Not sure if you can find it in your area, but you can buy it online here:


For rubs, well there are a good many out there and a whole ton of homemade recipes that will knock you over at how good they are.

For a store bought, again, hands down eye-opening great is Strawberry's Grand Champion Rub. This stuff is unbelievably good on chicken and ribs.

The maker started with running a restaurant, then catering, then started winning comps and now has been selling his seasoning all over the midwest. Small town barbecue flavor kickin' butt, is what I say...this stuff is good!

You can also buy it online here or get directions to their restaurant.


Anyway, just my 2 cents. Hope this helps!
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I am a fan of Simply Marvelous rubs - Steph puts out a great product and has awesome customer service.

I also like Plowboys Bovine Bold and Yardbird rubs - tasty.

Used to make my own, but after having these, I just place an order.

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Unfortunately, the main ingredient in almost all the grocery store BBQ sauce is high fructose corn syrup.  Ugh.

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SBR for us in general use.  I add diced onions, garlic and a touch of diced jalepeno's if I am going to  be basting something.  Rubs we just make ourselves.  So many recepies to try ;)


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For spices I use Texjoy which are more cajun type spice mixes. But they also have every spice itslef avilable.I also like different barbeque sauces depending on the meat. I lately have been using. one out of Oklahoma called Head Country. Sweet Baby Ray's is too sweet for my taste really.

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