Dino Ribs: An Exercise In Simplicity (Q-View)

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Thanks so much Travis. Yes sir, I'm loving that smoker. The thing cooks like a dream. I just wish it hadn't taken two tries to get it right. That was a lot of wasted time :emoji_astonished:

Thank you KC, on both counts. not that it matters but I sure am happy to see you here :emoji_wink:

I feel your pain. we see them but not like these. The ones around here are scrawny little things with little or no meat on them but carry a big price tag. It's painful sometimes to buy in such huge quantities but the pricing and quality are outstanding.


It does matter! And Thank you!
So did you order these directly from Piedmont?

Uh...yes. I get these from the wholesale side though, not through the online store.

They are some good looking ribs! Great work.

Thanks so much. I appreciate it.

Just looking at that has me salivating harder than a crackhead in front of an 8 ball. Man, you nailed that hard. If I can ever get my hands on some of these I hope I can make them look half that good. Congrats on the spinner ride my friend!

That's a colorful way to state it John, but I like the description :emoji_laughing: Also very much appreciate all the kind words buddy.

pull the pics off the phone. That was about the best pic of ribs I've ever gotten.

Robert I only use my phone for pictures , I used to have nice cameras . But now most phones take great pictures and no films to develop, lol remember that.

If I'm hungury and just the 2 of use I will use can beans with can kidney beans and hamburger also to make a quick Chili con Carni kind of meal

Robert, beef ribs are a weakness of mine and I’m just in awe of them beauties! Very nice job on the ribs and the meal as a whole!
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