Dino Ribs: An Exercise In Simplicity (Q-View)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Yesterday was a pretty busy day around Casa Bianca just catching up on piddly things. Knowing it was going to be busy I knew I needed to cook something that wouldn't require a lot of attention. Tracy ran into town for some errands right after breakfast so I decided to fire up the new cabinet smoker and get dinner started....at 9:00 in the morning :emoji_laughing:

The big brown truck swooped down Thursday afternoon and dropped off a little calling card: 12 racks of bone-in beef chuck short ribs.

Got a rack out and seasoned it up with the beef rub I put together a couple years ago. Interestingly enough, I made this rub to cook these ribs in a friendly backyard cook-off with some friends.

Fire up the smoker and got the TBS running nicely

Ribs on just a couple minutes after 9:00. Took about 20 minutes to get it up to 250 and dialed in. After that I didn't have to adjust temp all day

At the 3 hour mark

The 6 hour mark

Odd jobs all done so time to throw together an ugly pot of baked beans. It's just a can of Busch's Original that I doctored up

Needed a bowl of equally ugly Cole slaw to go along with the ugly beans. I did make this, unlike the beans

Ribs done. They look nice and juicy

Yep, they are moist and cut like butter

That's a 3-XL hand holding that rib

Dinner plated

Another ugly pic but the ribs had a really nice bite to them and pulled clean from the bone

The "simplicity" aspect isn't just from the standpoint of the dinner items. As far as the ribs went, there was no baste, no mopping, no glaze, no wrapping....nothing. Just put them on and let them go. Every hour and a half or so I'd have to drop another chunk of mesquite into the smoker wood pan but that's it. They were pretty much done in 7 hours but I just dropped the smoker temp back to 180 and let them sit there for a while as we enjoyed a couple of barley pops on the patio. I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of smoke ring. I know it doesn't bring anything to the table as far as flavor goes but it sure looks cool. Ribs came out very well. As noted, a perfect bite, juicy, tender, flavorful, and a depth of flavor that just comes along with brisket-on-a-stick. Not a bad meal at all for doing little or nothing to make it happen. These will be the first real BBQ party with the new smoker here in a few weeks as the weather warms up a bit. We will have a few friends over and make pigs out of ourselves eating cow :emoji_laughing:

Well y'all take care. Gonna call this one a wrap and go do.....something. Not sure what but I'll find some sort of a chore that needs to be done.

YUM! great work Robert. Super jealous...cant wait to cook something myself again.
Beautiful looking ribs! And a bunch of meat in them...had to be good!

Great job on those. Brisket on a stick has become one of my favorite smokes here lately. Yours look like perfection!
Wow! Looks great! Don't worry about doctored Busch Beans! They are a very good place to start a recipe.
Holy smokes batman! Those ribs left me speechless. And I'm so impressed with that smoker you built.
Those look pretty good. I know what you mean about that smoke ring. Those ribs from frozen I just did in the MES40 where good but it just aint the same without the smoke ring! I got my order in from prepared pantry. No tomato bread but got the Tuscany Tomato and Herb Focaccia. Potato rolls came back in.
I don’t see a single thing in the post that’s ugly!! That’s some good eats! Sounds like the smoker design is excellent with it holding temp like that. I’m looking forward to seeing the food you crank out of it!
Robert, I just saw this thread and I must say those ribs looks much better cooked than they do in the package. Great looking meal. Congrats to you and the Mrs.

Dang, Robert! I just finished eating and now I'm hungry again after reading about these Dino ribs. :emoji_laughing: 🍻
Wow! Those look delicious! I know what you mean about the smoke ring, sometimes I can get one in the pellet smoker with a little help and other times I can’t. Not that I’m comparing my CostCo pellet smoker to your amazing fabrication!!!! At any rate, congrats on making it to the newly found spinner! Well deserved!
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