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Apr 13, 2013
Copperas Cove Texas
Hey Y'all. I'm looking at a new Thermometer. My academy one quit. What works better? Maverick ET-732 , i Grill  w/ my iPhone 5s Or something else? I need some advice on this one please. Y'all Have a safe & happy new year
Through my research, I ordered the Maverick 732 and a thermworks 600, I think that's what it was called.
I haven't used them yet, but most the reviews seem great. Always recommended around here (732).
I don't own any "iStuff" so never looked at them.
Hello ,, Papa . Welcome to our Forum . We hope you choose to call this home for all your BBQ needs.

As for the Therms,  I have 2 Maverick372's and a Thermoworks  instant read and have had no problems with either.  Mr. T. Johnson can help you with getting a good Maverick . Look at his sponsor page...there are other products you may also need.

Hope things are good at the 'Cove' , been a long time since I've been there... born and raised in Temple .

Have fun and a Happy and prosperous New Year , and as always . . .
I'm leaning toward the maverick. I believe it will be easier. I'm kinda lazy. I like simple. I'm gonna make a shelf for the front of my smoker instead of the stupid basket that came on it
I just bought the Maverick Et-732 Remote Bbq Smoker Thermometer on Amazon for $54.89 (Prime Member price).  Lots of excellent reviews.

you'll be very glad you did... Only thing I can say is... If the probes go bad, replace them with the new hybrid probes... they are sealed better and they can be used ether way, food or chamber ...
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Thanks for the info.  I got to say I feel really dumb to ask this question but can you explain how the probe cable is routed out of the smoker? I would assume through the door or vent stack but figured I would ask rather that mess up a good probe.
My MES-30 has a snap clamp that holds the door closed and the door has a seal around it.  Will it damage the probe if I put it through the door seal and use the snap clamp?
I'm going to use my igrill 2 for the first time tomorrow on a Boston butt.  I have the one with 4 probe capability but only have 2.  The ambient temp probes aren't in stock right now so I'm going to use the second one to see if it differs from the one on my MES 30 and also using a oven thermometer to give me a third reading.  It should be interesting to see if they match.  I'll also be doing a rack of baby backs 2-2-1 method.  I'll give you my opinion of the Igrill2 after the smoke. 
I'm a few months into my iGrill2, had the original iGrill for several years and the Mav 732. I really like the IGrill product and have had no problems with either unit. The Mav is good too. With all of them you need to test the probes for accuracy in boiling water. The iGrills are a few degrees off, the Mav probes are 5-8 degrees off. All except able in my book. No mater what you get test them out first to see where your probes are. Log the difference if they are more than 5 degrees off so you can adjust. One thing to point out is altitude and barometric pressure effects the boiling point of water. So 212f may not be correct for your location. Where I live it's between 208-210 depending on the barometer reading. I
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My MES-30 has a snap clamp that holds the door closed and the door has a seal around it.  Will it damage the probe if I put it through the door seal and use the snap clamp?
Nope...that's how I run my iGrill2 four probe wires....doesn't damage the probe wires or affect the seal.
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I dont have any experience with the Maverick, but I've been using the iGrill2 for the last 6 months...I love its functionality....i can set up to four temp alarms, using either preset IT temps or my own preference, and my phone will alarm me when it's all done. Also the historical graphing function is useful. I'm fermenting a sausage right now....takes's been really nice to be able to monitor the chamber temps regularly from my phone.

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