Different temp in a bullet smoker

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Tim the Smoking Newbie

Original poster
Jun 3, 2024
Hi everyone,

Completely new to the world of smoking - so sorry if my questions are obvious. Just got a ProQ Frontier bullet smoker. I did a pulled pork as my first cook, which actually came out way better than I expected. So now I am going to try ribs.

The thing is I have multiple racks so I need to use both the top and bottom grill levels. But I am worried that the temperature will be different. The bottom grill is obviously nearer the heat (but also nearer the water bath). So thinking that will be hotter? So do I have to swap the ribs around part way through, or maybe after wrapping? Or is there normally not that much difference in temp to make it worth worrying about?

Many thanks,
Welcome to SMF from SE GA and your smoker looks alot like the WSM.
I can't help but several here have one and can help. fxsales1959 fxsales1959 may be along and offer his expertise.

Heat rises, so the top rack may run hotter than the lower one, even though the bottom one is closer to the heat source. A grate probe on each will verify where each runs.

Back in the day when I ran a bullet type smoker, I just loaded both levels without much thought as to which level ran where, and the food was always good.
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