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  1. Hello, I haven't posted in a while. Just curious, I'm sure I'm not the only Type 2 meat smoker out here. How have others adjusted their smoking to manage their Type 2? I've only been diagnosed for a bit less than a year. What are some good low sugar rubs out there? Have you tried substitutes to buns for pulled pork or brisket sandwiches? Just looking for options, it hasn't slowed my smoking down!
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    I don't have diabetes but I never liked sugar in my savoury dishes.

    Buns are overrated....are just a vehicle for good meats.

    If you really need a "substrate" for your meat there are flax seed bread recipes out there. Doesn't have much taste but neither do buns used for sandwiches . At least flax seed will not get you on an insulin roller coaster, has some omega 3 and antioxidants. It also lowers levels of glycated hemoglobyn (one of the diabetes indicators).

    Don't think bun-think sides. Pulled pork and brisket go well with a variety of no starch sides: shredded
    /roasted cauliflower, spaghetti squash, green beans, brussel sprouts, coleslaw, roasted cabbage, dry beans (limit these as they will spike your BS).
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  3. Thanks for the response, I like the sides idea.
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    Are you on insulin or oral therapy? If you are on oral, I don't think your sugar intake from an average rub would be bad eaten occasionally. Maybe eating a whole rack of ribs that had 1/4 cup sugar in the rub would raise your levels significantly. But if you were using a couple of table spoons over an whole rack and ate 1/3 of the rack which would be more in line with dietary/carb intake, then you would be getting 1 to 1 1/2 tsp of sugar. Not to hard to adjust to. Do a google seach for diabetic rib rubs, there are several from BBQ breth. that may help you
  5. Over time I have eliminated all the sugar from my rubs as I simply did not find it added much when I experimented with removing it. For beef (Brisket, Plate Ribs, Clod) I simply use 3 parts black pepper for every 1 part salt...typically don't serve sauce with my beef as I like the meat to speak for itself so no need to worry about sugar there. For my pork I tend to use the do equal parts salt and black pepper and mix in some chili powders. I admittedly don't do a lot of ribs but I find it produces a great bark on butts.

    Also want to second what atomicsmoke said about focusing on the sides (especially smoked brussel sprouts). There is also an upside of not having a bun...more room for meat!
  6. Pretty much controlled with Metformin and diet.
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    My father has diabetes and I know he just looks out for rubs that are low in sugar but he also loves Jeffs rub and just cuts back a bit on the sugar that is used. The biggest thing for him was getting rid of the sauces. I know when he was diagnosed he found a ton of rub recipes on google and from the mentioned about BBQ breth has quite a few.
  8. I do prefer the salt & pepper approach for beef, but pork seems to like sugar to me. I have done salt & pepper on pork ribs with good results though too. Darn, I'll have to keep experimenting!☺
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    It's definitely going to be a learning experience, but in the long run you will get used to using less sugar & it will all be good!
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    Wow I didn't realize how many people add sugar to rubs.
    I add sugar to a number of cooking dishes (mostly stuff that is heavy on tomato, tomato sauce, etc. It cuts the acidity and adds some sweetness that is awesome in dishes like spaghetti sauce, chili, and soups like my stuffed bell pepper soup!

    My meat seasoning or "rubs" are generally the big 4 (SPOG) plus whatever is needed for the type of dish I'm making. For instance for Fajitas, I add cumin and chili powder, for grilled steaks and chops I add a little cayenne or kashmiri red chili pepper, so and and so forth :)
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    I'm in the SPOG rub group sometimes tweak with other dry spices. Only use BS on my ribs when foiling.

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    I am a Type 2 diabetic. I substitute Splenda® for regular sugar wherever I can, including my coffee, and now there is Stevia® too. My regular and lo-salt curing brines can be used with either one, cup for cup, no problem; there is Splenda® Brown Sugar, also. Another control is to eat the leanest meats possible. Fat has twice the calories as lean in any type of meats, from beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, mutton, fish, etc. The more you eliminate fat the more you get accustomed to it not even being there. Same with salt and sugar, too. Your palate changes and adapts. It takes a little while, but you get accustomed to it. I make my own beef bacon and pork shoulder blade bacon; much, much leaner.
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    I don’t have diabetes but there is a family history. The only thing I use sugar for is a light touch on ribs. I also don’t use a lot of sauce and when I purchase it, I make sure there’s no high fructose corn syrup in it. As has been mentioned, go for healthy sides. You could consider pulled pork tacos, instead of buns, and you could also go the lettuce wrap route.
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    Ezekiel bread might be an option my mom has diabetes and was using that bread for sandwiches. They make buns too. It is a kind of bread that you may or may not like. I thought it was good but two other family members didn't.

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