Deck cabinet for mes 30

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by trucking13, May 3, 2015.

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    So finally coming, down to the wire on this cabinet build, still have to paint it and secure it to the deck but wife said no more work today time to smoke some CSR's and hamburgers. So this is what we have so far cabinet is 2x4's for frame, skinned with masonite. roof is slanted toward back for rain with a 3' stack out the top. whole cabinet is coated with plasti-seal to repel water, upper shelf is coated with contact paper in case of drips from meat in and out of smoker. area on bottom will hold pellets and misc. still have to install hanging rack on inside of door for utensils 




    dont think you can see the smoke out of stack but it is steady and blue going nice. like i said just need to get it off dolly and secured to deck after we finish paint.
  2. Hey Truck ,
    That looks real good I like the door. Jted
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    Thanks jted, i got the black stack but now decided to go with a higher straight stack but thanks for all th info.

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