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  1. Went to Costco to buy some butt, and they only had "butt, no bone." I bought it anyway. Well, tonight I got it out for rub and discovered that de-boned practically meant they cut that sucker wide open to remove the bone. I seasoned the inside, then applied the yellow mustard and then seasoned the outside, wrapped it in plastic and put it the chill-chest for some resting time. As I thought about it, I started wondering if the cooking time was going to be different without the bone. Any insight you more experienced q'ers could provide will be helpful. I will watch the temp closely. My last butts took 18 hours, so these two are going in tomorrow night before I go to bed. There will be tasty Q for the Fourth, and, of course, pics to drool over.[​IMG]
  2. I got some of those from Costco and mine was about 7 lbs and all told took about 12 hours (with a bunch of rest time after in a cooler).  I have a thread about it, you should read it.
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    I use the costco ones all the time. They will be just fine and still take about 12 hrs or so
  4. Read it, Mag. Thanks; you too, bmudd!
  5. My biggest suggestion for the boneless ones from Costco would be to tie it up.  Throw some rub in that gaping hole they carved into the side of that pig and then tie it up and treat as normal.
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    I agree on tying it up.
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    What Magnum said

    Cooking time may be slightly better without the bone, but I wouldn't bank on it. I am averaging about 80 - 90 minutes a LB on my stickburner, however Butts on my GOSM were longer.

    Don't sweat the Bone In Boneless stuff, I know many like to see that bone slide out clean as a doneness check, I don't sweat it.

    I know I'm gonna catch Hell for this but Ditch the mustard.

    Here's a few basics

    Its done when its done, throw away your watch.
    • Trim fat and false cap for more bark, (Some do not trim, I do), rub buts 24 hours or the night before the cook with Rub, use mustard to help the rub stick better, some use mustard I do not) Wrap tightly in plastic wrap.
    • Give yourself at least 2 hours a LB (SMOKERS WILL VARY)

    • Bring smoker up to 300°, Place meat into smoker with a pan underneath to catch drippings.(optional), slowly bring smoker temps down to about 240°.
    • Leave undisturbed until an internal temp above 145°is achieved, at this point feel free to mop I use a 3-2-1 mix, Apple Cider (3 parts), Apple Cider Vinegar (2 parts) Captain Morgan (1 part). (optional) Mops are limited only to your imagination, just remember, more sugar will give more bark and sugar can burn. Note, make sure to get the Butt through the Danger Zone 40° - 140° within 4 hours.

    • FOR MORE BARK FORMATION; smoke at 230° - 240° (un foiled) until an internal temp of 200-205° (my average is 90 minutes per lb.)

    • FOR LESS BARK FORMATION ; smoke at 230° - 240° until an internal temp of 165° then foil and smoke until internal temp of 200-205° (smoke will not penetrate while foiled).

    • While foiling at 165°, you can bump the temperature up to 260° -275°, some will go up to 300°, (I do not increase the temp during a cook)
    • Once the Butt has reached an internal temperature of  200°-205°, wrap tightly in Foil then wrap in towels and place into cooler for 1 - 2 hours. (1 hour minimum, however I shoot for two hours, patience pays off here). Some Butts can be kept 4 hours or more in a good cooler but keep an eye on the internal temp, do not let it drop below 140°, better yet 150°.

    • While the Butt is resting, remove the pan with the drippings and refrigerate. if the drippings are black and charred I do not use them, however, this is your call.

    • Remove the Butt from the cooler, tent the foil to leave the steam out very slowly, the longer the initial rest, the less steam will escape.

    • Remove drippings from the refrigerator and remove the grease (white waxy stuff on top)
    • Shred the Butt with some forks or bear claws, (some like to pull it by using their fingers), and add some rub or finishing sauce, at the least add your drippings. (optional)

    I like to shoot for 240° chamber temp, but Frank can be a bear and likes to hang around 250° -  265° on occasion.
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    I think you got enough info there!! So good luck & don't forget the qview!!!
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    In for updates.
  10. Ok folks... here's the goods. Now, I've got to tell you, I put these puppies in the MES 40" at 9pm last night, and pulled them at 195 degrees at 8pm tonight. 23 HOURS!!!!!

    When my daughter and I when to pull it, it fell apart under our forks, and it is sooooooo delicious.  Whoever came up with this 1.5 hrs per pound is nuts! But it is sure worth the wait.

    ENJOY!!!  [​IMG]

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    What temp are you running the smoker at and how are you checking the smoker temp?

    I have never had one of those take that long at 225.

    Looks great by the way.
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    Looks Great, We like Bark on ours.
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    Looks delicious!
  14. 220... maybe I should bump it up 5 degrees.[​IMG]
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    I'm guessing you did not foil?  I cannot wait that long. God Bless you if you can.
  16. flash

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    Shoot, even 250º. I did a 6 1/2 lber in 7 1/2 hours, buy foiling and raising the temp to 285 to 290º. Didn't hurt the butt at all and fell right off the bone.
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    Yea they get done quicker if you foil, but they don't have that great bark on them. That's what we like. It a personal preference though & I know some of you don't like the heavy bark. So foiling is the way to go for you.
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     You sure about that Al ?? [​IMG]

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    That bark looks awesome flash!
  20. flash

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     That was done by a combination of a sugary rub, along with a fair amount of heat in my old charcoal ECB. I always got better bark out of that unit (no vent at top) than my GOSM, which does have a vent. It was probably foiled around 170 or so.

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