Cutting board that doesn’t break the bank

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This one was fun to make until I realized I flipped one section the wrong way during one of the multiple glue ups.

Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Padauk.
The gradient board is Maple and Padauk.

Where's the Bubbinga?
I've used some of each of those. They are the only ones I wore a Dust Mask when working with them. Highly Toxic!
Very Nice, Charlie!

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Fancy "Woven" Cheese Boards??

With Handles?

Or Finger Holes: (Those "Weaves" are various natural woods):

unnamed copy 3.jpeg
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The face grain boards look really nice .
I agree. Its about 1.5 inches thick and the grain is nice a flat so it should hold up well for a long time. The zebra wood inset adds a nice touch too! I am going to to a walnut/zebra handled kitchen knife to match it!
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Actually, I checked with My Son last night. The Safe-Stop cartridge costs about $90, and a crash doesn't always ruin the blade. At least according to the research he did since buying the Table saw. It hasn't happened for him yet.


Thanks for the information John.

$90.00 isn't bad at all. Good to know that the blade isn't always ruined.

Glad to hear that your son hasn't had to test the unit.
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There's a lot that goes into making a wood cutting board , and the options can add up . However a quality wood board with proper care will last your life time and be passed down the line .
So I always think of it like this . Divide the number of times used into the length of ownership . Comes out pretty cheap in the end .
Get a larger plastic board if that fits your need .
Here's just an idea of some of the steps that goes into a wood board .
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That's the short version .
Top notch boards from chopsaw chopsaw ! I’ve got a beautiful one in my collection.
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