Brined, Sous Vide then smoked whole turkey?

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Jul 8, 2017
I've done brined and smoked, sous vide and smoked but not all 3 together...

12 hrs sous vide @ 139F
Smoke until 145F internal temp

What would an overnight brine do??
So this turned out well IMO.
24 hr brine
24 hr dry
12 hr rub and sous vide
Smoke till 145F in breast

I loved the aroma of the turkey after the brine
Used this recipe:

Then left open to dry in the fridge.

Sous vide in a turkey frying pot for overnight + some time.

Then removed, lightly coated with some Sweet Baby Ray BBQ sauce then into the MasterForge propane smoker which was preheated to 250.
My propane ran low unfortunately so after a bottle switch (lesson learned) it quickly climed to the 300F.

Pulled at 145F breast temp.

All meat was juicy, BBQ burned on the lower part but not badly.
Would definitely do again.
Looks perfect! That's exactly like I did mine this year, except I just used a gigantic bone-in breast.
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