Curing and smoking a Turkey, need some advice

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  1. I have a 21 pound turkey that I am wanting to cure and smoke this weekend.  I am planning on using the complete turkey cure from waltons, it is a brine cure. 

    Here are some questions I have
    • Should the skin of the turkey be removed before put into the brine?
    • Should 12- 24 hours be long enough for the turkey to be in the brine?
    • Is there anything different when smoking poultry vs. say, hams?

    • No!

      Is this the instructions?
      "Use: Use 1.29 lbs. of cure to each gallon of water for a 10% pump."

      If so, you need to make the brine and then inject brine equal to 10% of the weight of the turkey (2.1 lbs. in your case)
      I usually soak a bird that size for 48 hours after injecting.
      Start with a fully thawed turkey.

    The smoking procedure can be found near the bottom of the following page.


  2. Yes those are the directions. Your link cleared things up for me, thank you!
  3. Hi All,

     I'm new to the forum and I hope that this isn't a thread hijack. I have smoked many turkeys using a brine without a cure. Is it necessary to use a cure in the brine or have I just been lucky in not getting food poisoning. My brine usually consists of 1 gallon water, 1/2 cup Kosher salt, a cup of brown sugar, a cup of apple juice and a cup of bourbon. Fabulous and informative forum with lots of info! Thanks for any suggestions so that I won't kill my family :)

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    If you are smoking a turkey 12-14 lbs. or under, it should be above 140° within 4 hours (smoked to 160° though).  However, as in the previous case, a 20-25 lb. turkey will take a lot more time from 40° - 140° than 4 hours, so you need to cure it first to keep botulism from forming.

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