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  1. just mixed up a batch of sausage and realized after the smoking began that I didn't add enough cure

    Will the sausage be a total loss?

    or can I cook them in the oven?


    Any suggestions?
  2. Recipe? Or at least how much meat and how much cure and what kind.
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  3. More info is needed. Start with what the recipe that you made has with weight. What temp is the smoker? Are you cold smoking? 

    You can fully cook and get it above 140° and no matter what you used you will be safe.

    I see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome?

    Happy smoken.

  4. yes more info, my guy was so freaked out I looke dyou up early this morning and said I would ask

    16 lbs deer, 4 lbs pork only put cure for 10lbs of sausage

    smoked for 3 hours at 130

    cooked for 7 hours at 175

    1 in casings came to 140

    some had cheese and jalapeños
  5. You're still missing crucial info to answer your question. How much cure was added and what kind of cure? Does this mean you put the proper amount of cure for only 10 lbs of meat into 20 lbs of meat?
  6. how much and what kind of cure? Also how long was it in cure? Does it have any extra salt?

    Happy smoken.

  7. Insta cure # 1

    we used 2 teaspoons

    no additional salt just the summer sausage seasoning
  8. I am not a cure expert. However I am thinking some bad thing could have grown in that amount of time with that little bit of cure. The correct rate for cure 1 is 1/4 tsp per pound so you used enough for 8 pounds of meat. I am not sure what the minimum PPM is. 

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    I agree, potential pathogen heaven with what he had going on.

    The correct PPM for cure to meat is 156 PPM. To meet this requirement, you need to add just over 1 gram (1.1g) of cure #1 to each pound of meat. This is for cure #1! Morton products are very different, if using them.

    I tell EVERYONE that wants to get into sausage making, that they need 2 things; a GOOD scale that measures in grams, and a GOOD scale that measures in pounds/kilograms. One for the meat, the other for spices.

    Making homemade sausage is great, just watch the cure, temps, and hygiene....

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