Cuban "Sandwich" Casserole

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Jun 13, 2017
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In my ongoing quest to be better at using leftover refrigerator ingredients and rotate freezer stock I did this dish today. I love doing casseroles to have leftovers all week. This used up the ham, pork , partial jars of pickles and relish and the end of a bottle of Dijon. After reviewing a few recipes online and modified to what I felt would be better. You will see I veered from this some based because of on hand ingredients but adding to my recipe file as written below.
  • · 2 lbs. smoked pulled pork
  • · 1 lbs. double smoked pulled ham*
  • · 5 cups shredded Swiss cheese
  • · 1 ½ cups heavy cream
  • · 8T Dijon Mustard
  • · 8 oz. cream cheese
  • · 2 eggs
  • · 8 oz. dill pickle chips
  • · 1/2 cup dill pickle relish
*Can sub diced ham or deli ham First I started with making the Dijon cream. Soften 8oz cream cheese in the microwave , add to the 1 1/2 cups heavy cream and 8T Dijon mustard. Whisk until smooth, heat in microwave as necessary. Can you an immersion blender as well. Set half aside to be used as a serving sauce. In what remains whisk in two eggs. Not a great pic but this is the beginning of it.
I did this in cast iron but you could certainly use alternate pans. Sprayed with olive oil and added the pulled pork.
Pour the egg mixture over the pork and mix in.
Next up layer on 3 cups of Swiss cheese. I could tell I was going to be short on shreds for topping the casserole so improvised with some baby Swiss slices. Topped off with the dill relish
Time to add the ham. I did chop the pulled ham up a bit and reserved a small amount to mince for topping.
After layering on the ham top with remaining Swiss cheese , pickles and the finely chopped remaining ham.
Into the oven @ 375F for 20 minutes and another 10 @425F. Likely you could just do 25 minutes at 400F.
It’s been awhile since I’ve attempted nice plating so plated with the Dijon cream drizzle and some more dill relish. Reasonably satisfied with the plating although another color in the scheme would have been useful.
Flavor wise very tasty. If you like a good Cuban sandwich you’ll love this. The additional Dijon sauce and relish for serving is definitely mandatory. Next time I make this I’ll likely make extra sauce. Thanks for looking!
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I love a good Cuban sandwich . I'd be all over that . That cut shot is something else !
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Man oh man!! That looks ans sounds incredible...and yes, I do love a good Cuban sandwich.Simply stunning my friend.

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Looks delicious! Somehow my leftovers never look quite that good! Imagine thar lol!

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looks very tasty, nice job of using up what you had on hand!
Thanks! Kind of a then for me lately. Trying to reduce frig waste and roste freezer stock
Hell yeah! I'd tear that up hard. Nice work
Thanks Jake!
Nothing wrong with a big plate of Cubin Sandwich.

Nice build

Thanks David!
I love a good Cuban sandwich . I'd be all over that . That cut shot is something else !
Thanks Rich! I decided to try a beautified plate lol
Bookmarking for sure, always have double smoked ham and PP in the freezer.
Thanks, I now need to restock both
Nice work on that Jeff, looks delish! RAY
Thanks Ray!
Mighty good looking.

Thanks Jim!
Man oh man!! That looks ans sounds incredible...and yes, I do love a good Cuban sandwich.Simply stunning my friend.

Thanks Robert!
Now that is a truly unique take on the Cuban. I'll be checking that out!
Thanks Steve!
Wow! That sure looks great! Love using leftovers since I'm a tightwad lol. Just hate waste is all.
Thanks!Ha same here trying to quit wasting
Looks delicious! Somehow my leftovers never look quite that good! Imagine thar lol!

Thanks Ryan!
Bookmarked! Thank you for an incredible recipe and thread. I love this kind of creative cooking and you always knock it out of the park and I do love Cuban Sandwiches! The plating was incredible too. I’m fine eating ugly, but always feel happier digging in when it looks inviting!
I've wanted to make this again for awhile. Finally got around to it today. Figure I'd just post here instead of start a new thread. Couple minor differences. I used smaller cubed ham I had in the freezer as I'm out of pulled ham. Used 3 lbs pork and 2 lbs ham too. I used far more relish this time , about 15 oz then drained. I made the sauce x 1.5. Still working to make that bottom layer tighter. When I erve it I top with a healthy portion of the Dijon cream that was reserved. That sauce tightens up a lot so I hear it when I serve. May try diluting it with a bit more cream for the portion saved for topping. I'll stop rambling lol, always noodling on how to improve things. Thanks for looking.
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Jeff, I think it looks even better this go round!

Thanks! Tasting pretty good. Still working on that bottom layer to tighten it up. Definitely important to make extra sauce. The sauce really makes it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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