Cruisin' Again!

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    Our youngest son is getting married again!   Rob Fassett (on the far right) is marrying a wonderful woman, Nissreen Audi-Landcaster on Friday, April 4th at Arlington Justice of the Peace.  It's their 2nd marriage for both.  

                    Erin ..............George Jr. .........Nissreen...........Robert

    Rob is marrying Nissreen Audi Landcaster (her second marriage also).  She is an absolutely great match for Rob and they've both got great jobs and a nice house, she has two boys, 16 and 17, and he has a girl, 6.

    They're doing the JP thing (she is Lebanese and her divorce previously keeps her from a church wedding.)  Then a private dinner with all the parents, then reception for the drinkers (nay her parents).  That is Friday, April 4th (yes, I had planned on coming to the N. Florida gig, but this took precedence, I apologize!).  Then, on Sat. April 5th, George Jr, Erin, their two kids and us are driving to Galveston, have room reservations for Sat. night, then board ship Sunday morning for a 7 day cruise with the bride and groom and 12 others, to Jamaica, Grand Caymans, and Cozumel, be back April 13th.  

    April 13th: 

    We got back a few hours late, but made it home by 6:30 pm Sunday night.   There was a mixup in luggage and took a couple hours to sort out, then on and off rainy periods coming back to Arlington to my son's house, then my wife throttling it to Fort Worth, lol!  We all had an incredible time!  My newly-married son and his lovely wife enjoyed themselves tremendously, as did their friends and relatives that accompanied them!  Massive, brutal sunburns and throbbing hangovers abounding; nonetheless giving them all opportunity for hair-of-the-dog restarts!  Didn't get to take many Qviews, but did do some:

    The Carnival Magic from our hotel room in the Tremont in Galveston:


    Our first port, Jamaica, took an hour-and-a-half tour ride to Margaritaville, Negril.

    Son took this of me having fun!  Funny, the focus was on something behind me....

    Steakhouse night aboard ship, the bride and groom!

    George Jr. in the green shirt, Rob in the light blue, and Nissreen

    A full slice of cheesecake, Rob and Nissreen, above, finishing off one.

    The Caymen Islands had to be skipped; the ship sits off shore and tenders transport the guests ashore.  However, the swells were far too abundant to allow it.  So we sailed to Cozumel a day early:

    So, here we are at Cozumel being Mexicans!

     Mayan culture is everywhere!

    Many shops:

    Many wonderful places to shop!

    Then we ate at a nice restaurant, down past the tall hut:

    Showing how clean the areas are, just beautiful!

    Where we ate:

    One of many great dinners; this is a flat iron steak (aka top blade steak, aka Vegas steak!):

    Another photo of the bride and groom!

    Me and my older son!

    And, me and my beautiful wife!

    A photo from one of the ship's photographers:

    It was a great time and lots of smiles for everyone around!

    Congratulations to Robert and Nissreen Landcaster Fassett!
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    My father always told me you get what you deserve from life. Looks like you have a great family, love and good times. Obviously you deserve this trip and the love of a great family. Salute!

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    Thank you so much, Disco!
  4. Thx for sharing Pops. Always inspiring to see great people having a wonderful time with family.
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    Hey Pops..... your family is still growing.... Thumbs Up

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