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Cross cut beef shank

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bikenstein, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. bikenstein

    bikenstein Fire Starter

    Hi everybody. Just joined today and I love this site. Tomorrow I'm doin pork ribs but since my wife favors beef, I bought a piece of shank and thought I'd try it (got some beef brats as a backup just in case I mess up). Haven't found anything on beef shanks. Has anybody smoked these that can offer advice? Cut the membrane, smoke and wrap I guess
  2. bikenstein

    bikenstein Fire Starter

    Thanks Woodcutter. Looks good and gives me an idea of how long I need to cook.
  3. bikenstein

    bikenstein Fire Starter

    I'm smokin the shanks with a rack of spare ribs in my WSM. I made a charcoal snake with coals 2 wide and 2 deep, nice and neat. I was kinda afraid that wouldn't provide enough heat, but after 2 hours the temp has maintained 225 to 235 with all vents open and an empty pan. Shanks are at 145. I'm just wonderin if I can cook em like I do a brisket and tenderize them without braising?
  4. bikenstein

    bikenstein Fire Starter

    I'm amazed that I'm gettin good results with so little charcoal in my WSM. I closed 2 vents and the third at 3/4. About five hours now maintaining 230 easy and the little snake still has plenty of coal left to do another 2 hours or maybe more. Ribs will be ready soon. My wife got impatient and made a pot of Brunswick stew. I wrapped the shanks with some sauces and drippings, they are still kinda tough but good smoke. I love the WSM:)
  5. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    I have smoked them for stew.. I smoked for about 3 hours and transfured to the Dutch for some braise..... even know they where "done" IT wise they were still very chewey.. however FWIsmokers fell apart after his all day smoke.. 
  6. bikenstein

    bikenstein Fire Starter

    FAIL! Gotta braise the shanks in the house to finish. My coals burned out at 7 hours and the shanks are still a bit chewy. Long enough for the ribs though. After readin through the forum, I'm wantin to try some of these other smokin recipes. A lot of good info and a lot to learn here! :)

  7. woodcutter

    woodcutter Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Smoke is on them now. Ribs look good!
  8. bikenstein

    bikenstein Fire Starter

    Thanks Woodcutter. The ribs were good but not a good cut. Mostly belly fat as usual from our Walmart.  Normally I trim spareribs to a St. Louis type cut but I wouldn't have had but a 4" rib rack left! From now on I'll drive the extra ten miles to the butcher's :)