couple of chucks and my first pastrami - yum!

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Aug 22, 2010
Renton, WA
did my first pastrami a couple weeks ago, had a little room in the smoker with a chicken and CSR's.


I rinsed off the brine and let it dry a bit.  It had very little fat so I just scored it to let flavor in.


foiled after a couple of hours at 250. the CSR's were brined, rinsed and given a light rub.


Just had to get a peek! then, back into the foil for a bit.  had some sausage in there too.


now that's tender, tasty and pretty! gotta learn how to brine my own, though. Saw some awesome "Montreal Meat" on the new food meat show and I want to make it!

And Christmas Chuck, bringing cheer wherever he goes...


Marinated in some Caesar dressing overnight, then a coat of rub in the morning. Into the smoker at 225.


foiled at 160, with beef broth, worsty and more fresh rosemary, back in the smoker, then a couple more hours in the cooler and here it is - it pulled like a dream.  4 pounds of Christmas joy.


I'd like to make my own brine too.  Keep us posted!

Hey Barbie that looks awesome. Check your PM box for my address and shipping instructions
I just did a from scratch pastrami and it was fantastic. The hardest thing was finding the pickling salt with nitrates, which we found at a local restaurant supply.

We did a whole brisket, about 12lbs.

1. Pickle the brisket in the solution (lots of recipes online but all are mostly the same) It takes 4 days in the refrigerator.

2. Remove and dry in the refer 3 days. Bring to room temp while starting the smoker.

3. Thickly coat with mustard seed and coarse black pepper rub using prepared yellow mustard to hold the rub.

4. smoke at 250-255 until internal temp. reaches 170. I use a modified char broiler with 1/4" aluminum plate diffusers and chimney tube flex extension. This is as hot as I can get mine so have a lot of fuel on hand and tend it closely. It took 5 hours using a combination of charcoal, hickory chunks and split oak. I used a water pan in the smoke chamber as well.

This came out just like the best East Coast deli style smoked pastrami you ever ate!
Woot! Love me some smoked pastrami.... mmmm. My problem is keeping it in the house, I usually cook 3 or 4, slice them, and vacuum seal them to use as lunch meat - I come home and find the wife and kids have "snacked" on about 2 lbs. of it.... lol.
Great job BarbeQueen !!!!

Awwwww---Some of that pulled beef with some Mayo/Miracle & a good amount of Horse Radish on a nice roll----Heaven !!!!

Maybe even melt some Swiss cheese on top????

This one's for you, Steveo.  Took it just special and then forgot to get it out of the photobucket.  Cheers! 
That all looks fantastic!  Great work on that chuck.  Looks like it pulled really easily.

How did you like the Caesar dressing as a marinade?  Sounds like a great start from some Italian pulled beef sandwiches.

Good job outta you!
That all looks fantastic!  Great work on that chuck.  Looks like it pulled really easily.

How did you like the Caesar dressing as a marinade?  Sounds like a great start from some Italian pulled beef sandwiches.

Good job outta you!
Thanks!! Wow, I'm flattered!  These chucks pulled really nicely.  I had one some time ago that wouldn't pull for nothin'!  The marinade worked well, and I tinkered the rub a bit so it was a bit more beef-centric than pork. A while back I did wet rubbed chucks, one Mexican, one Italian , with mostly fresh herbs.



 I made them just to freeze and use in dishes.  The Italian made nice sammies, but it made a really awesome slow-simmered bolognese-like sauce for pasta.  this is one of my favorite cuts of meat!  Flavorful and versatile. And often, really inexpensive.
Pastrami Rub:
[*]1/4 cup kosher salt[*]1/4 cup paprika[*]3 tablespoons coriander seeds[*]3 tablespoons brown sugar[*]2 tablespoons black peppercorns[*]2 tablespoons yellow mustard seeds[*]1 tablespoon white peppercorns[*]  8 cloves garlic, minced[*] [*]Place coriander seeds, peppercorns and mustard seeds in a spice grinder.   Grind coarsely, combine with other ingredients. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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