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Original poster
Oct 8, 2006
Apollo Beach, FL
Hey gang! First timer here. Found the site when I googled "smoked wings" as I'm doing some today. I smoke my stuff on a Big Green Egg.

Anywho... I read a lot of comments about rubbery skin on chicken. A couple months ago, some other Eggers found a fix.

If you do a very light sprinkle of corn starch on the skin, it will crisp up! Almost like it's been fried! So, you get the best of both worlds. Smoked chicken and crispy skin.

Some may know this, others may not. Hope it helps someone!

Great site!
I will try your suggestion. I too like beer can chicken bu t could not get the skin as crispy as I like it. Will post results after trying corn starch method.

Has anyone tryed this yet? Just wondering. Ive been watching this post and havent seen anything. I might try it today,If I ever get done painting the small bedroom.
Dave, let us know, I'd be interested in how the corn starch works and if it does crip up the skin. Don't forget the drop cloths.

I didnt get a chance to try it this weekend, I decied to grill some chicken instead. But I do have a birthday party this comming next weekend,Ill be doing some spare ribs and I bet I can find some room for chicken on there too!
yo dudes,
chicken wont be in the smoker here till fri 11/3/06.

any one who tries the corn starch this weekend ---
please post the results.
[i have to go buy some if it works]

Ok here goes. I tryed the corn starch gimmick today. I still had rubbery skin. I dont know, maybe I did something wrong. I put my rub on first, then applied the corn starch in a generous manner. The chicken still tasted good, nice smoke flavor But the skin on MY chicken still had a tough skin. Maybe some of you should try it and we'll read your results. You really have nothing to lose. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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