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  1. norcalruss

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    I had made a post last week about cooking the high school team dinner but it looks like it was deleted when changes were made to site so ill update those who read it.
    Had 50 high school football players and 30 cheerleaders over for their Thursday team dinner. Kids loved the food and ate about 75 of the 80 lbs of meat!!! Like a few mentioned, they only ate about 1/3 of the side dishes!!!

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  2. griz400

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    Very nice job on that Q ,,, points to you :cool:
  3. chopsaw

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    Happy it worked out . I was one that called out the meat eaters . Fed to many youth sports teams in my time .
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  4. SmokinAl

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    Looks really good!
    Congrats on such a big cook!
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  5. hardcookin

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    Thanks for the update! Sounds like they loved what you smoked.
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  6. fishwrestler

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    Looks Great! Nice Job
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  7. mtm29575

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    Looks great! I always enjoy cooking for others.
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  8. b-one

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    Nice work that was a bunch of food!

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