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Original poster
Nov 4, 2016
I was reading a thread the other day about things to include on cook log. Now I can't find that thread so I could include all those things in a sheet i will build. All that said, what should I include on a cook log?

Thank you in advance

Thank you greatly. I got a log made in Excel and would share for any that may be interested in using it but don't know where I should/ would post it. 

I say post it in either blowing smoke or general discussion. I'm sure you'll get some feedback and can add what you might be missing. For sure some members will use it. I don't log any smoke I've done more than once but I log most of my sausage making and meat cureing
Thanks I may post in both and also new members thread. I saw a log on here somewhere and for the most part liked it so I borrowed a few things from it and condensed to one page. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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