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  1. Hey y'all,

    I bought this charcoal grill last weekend and I have thoughts of converting it to a smoker/gas grill/charcoal grill.

    It has on one side 3 burners for deep fryers. I'd like to plumb the grill so I can gas grill with it. It is already set up for charcoal, so all that would stay the same.

    Most importantly, I need to make this a smoker. I'm thinking about adding a fire box to the back of the trailer and re doing the exhaust.

    I could possibly insulate it and wrap it with stainless.

    I need yalls opinions and thoughts!

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  2. If you just keep the charcoal fire confined to one end and add wood chunks to the charcoal fire you will get all the smoke you need. Just fire it up and try it.
  3. I should probably also add that I am using this for a bbq catering business to expand my capacity. I already have one smoker, just trying to expand.
  4. wolfman1955

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    With a little ingenuity and some metal working/welding skills it can be done! How deep is it from the bottom of the cooking grates to the bottom of the cook chamber? How thick is the metal on the storage box on the tongue of the trailer? Reason I ask it looks like a perfect set up for a reverse flow if you have the room.
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  5. There is about a foot or 18" beneath the cooking grates to the bottom and the metal of the storage box is 1/8" or thinner.

    I've never done a reverse flow. I have made a couple smokers though, and the best one I ever made in terms of efficiency and constant temp is one where the smoke and heat come in high and leave low.

    That's what I had in mind for this, but I need yalls opinions! Keep the good ideas coming!
  6. wolfman1955

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    If you are planning on something like the best smoker you ever built, it would help to have a few pics of that one so we are on the same page for this one.
  7. It's not fancy, but it works really good.

  8. Wow take it easy with the advice guys! I'm drowning in all the help! (Sarcasm)
  9. wolfman1955

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    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. It looks like you should be able to set this up like the one you like so well. Looks like you need to relocate the exhaust and add a fire box. Basically just copy what has worked for you in the past, only the cook chamber will be shaped different, being flat and elongated will probably change the air flow some. Really can't tell where the fire box is on the one you like, but if it were me I would think that a fire box on the opposite end of the exhaust would work better than in the rear.
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  10. In the old one I like, the fire box is in the far right door. I used the calculator for building smokers, but I made the fire box way too big.. The fire box is supposed to be about one third the size of the cc, but instead I made it one third the size of the entire tank.. Which makes it half the size of the cc... Clear as mud?

    Anyhow, how would I go about making a propane fire element to make this a true hybrid? (Smoke, charcoal, and gas)

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