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Converting a recipe from tender quick to #1 cure,

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by badsmkinhabbit, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. A friend has a great landjager recipe that we would like to switch over to using #1 cure. The big question would be, how much more salt would we need to add to replace the salt content of T-Q ? Its almost one of those things where " if its not broke dont fix it". Then again isnt that how we learn. Thanks in advance
  2. JckDanls 07

    JckDanls 07 Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    as far as the salt goes... salt to your taste (practice makes perfect).. record your measurements each batch you do... as for cure #1.. it's 1 LEVEL teaspoon to 5 lbs of meat.... you can do a fry test after it is all mixed up to see if it's salty enough for ya before stuffing.... start with a small amount of salt as you can always add more.. but you can't take it out if there is to much....
  3. Agreed, Just seems like there would be some kind of break down chart with that kind of info. For example, 1 tbl spoon of TQ has x amount of nitrate, x amount of nitrite, x amount of salt, and x amount of sugar.
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  4. JckDanls 07

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    can't say that I've seen it.. but then again I am just a rookie sausage maker myself... lets see what some of the pros have to say....
  5. It's impossible to give you a good answer without seeing the recipe and method.
    You're talking semi-dry or dry cured Landjager, correct?

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  6. I am very pleased that you jumped in on this one. I would not beable to give you the exact amonts till tomorrow when I talk with him again. As far as semi-dry or dry we smoke it. To be honest I am not sure if it is technically lanjager. He uses 2.5 pounds of pork butt to every 5 pounds of venison, garlic powder, black pepper, salt,cayane, mustard seed then stuffed into 21mm collagin casings. From there is where I play the roll of smoking it over cherry wood for around 3 hours. Around here the hunters refer to it as lanjager and cant get enough of it.
  7. So you don't dry it, correct?
    How much TenderQuick are you using?
    The recommended one level tablespoon per pound of meat or less?

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  8. More than likely he is following what the label says.
  9. If you can find out the exact amount he's using I can tell you how much salt and cure to use.

  10. Will do and thanks.
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    So I Googled Landjaeger and found a company called Wisconsin River Meats that has a video about the sausage..... This sounds like it would be great.....I can't wait to see the recipe and give this a try..........ShoneyBoy
  12. Ok, back with the amount of TQ that he uses, and sorry for being a day late. He uses 6 1/4 tsp per 7 1/2 lb's of meat. No extra salt is added just what is in the TQ. Thanks in advance
  13. Okay, if that's level teaspoons, it's not very salty....less that 1% salt.....roughly .85%.

    Do you have an accurate gram scale?

    For 7.5 lbs of meat you'll need 8.49 grams of Cure #1 and 20.96 grams of salt to replace the MTQ.

  14. Thanks so much Digging Dog, Yes i use a postage scale. It will be a while before I can do a test batch but I will post the results with Q-veiw. He is a little nerved up about the change and said that we would have to do a test batch using my meat. LOL, I told him no problem that I was very confident on who I was having do the conversion. The only problem is I have not been able to convince him to let me post the recipe for those that would like to try it. Thanks again...
  15. timberjet

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    That calculator is great man. I have used that quite a few times. thanks for having that on your website. great site by the way.
  16. There's also a tiny bit of sugar in MTQ....not really enough to notice....about a pinch worth in your case.

  17. grimreeper

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    ok i am doing some thing wrong with your calculator. i did the recipe above and i got the cure right but i came out with 60.08 grams salt not 20.96 grams of salt. what am i doing wrong.
  18. @grimreeper

    This is what it should look like....

  19. grimreeper

    grimreeper Smoke Blower

    were did you get the .85 grams of salt from
  20. The 6.25 teaspoons of MTQ is approximately 29 grams of salt.

    The 7.5 pounds of meat equals approximately 3402 grams.

    29/3402=0.00852439741 or approximately 0.85% salt in the sausage.