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Controlling Heat in a Cabelas 7 in one Smoker

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mikepro, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Love anything smoked. Grew up on smoked meats and fish. Presently using a Cabelas 7 in 1 smoker. Use propane for deep frying only because it nevers stays lit on low. Use charcoal and chips for birds. Use electric and hardwood blocks for bacon and pork. Have the electric conversion kit but you can't control heat with it and it gets too hot. The element has the power cord molded to it. Wondering if anyone has a solution. Like can something be spliced into the cord to control the power to the element thus regulating the temp?  My short term solution is a small hotplate that fits inside the smoker but as the weather gets cooler this will not get the smoker warm enough to get meats up to 150.
  2. johgre078

    johgre078 Smoke Blower

    Check with any homebrew shop as there is controller you can plug into and control temps as close as 1degree.

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  3. Thanks, have a couple of places nearby, will check them out. Wonder if Home Depot might have something like that?
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    The one I have I got online. Not sure about home depot.

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