Competition barbecue secrets

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Yep, I have the e-book. Not too bad, but I've learned more here than through the book. It did help until I found this site, and a few others

I've got it somewhere on this computer, but I haven't looked at it since.............heck I don't know when.
Thanks for that comment, i'll save my money

IMHO, after having done a comp and from what i've learned, those turn in pics at the bottom of the page aren't that impressive, but that team does very well at every comp they're in!
Hey, Cheech!

I do not have the book but I did subscribe to the newsletter some time ago. I figured that if I received good info from the newsletter then the book would be worth the asking price. As I said I do not own the book.

And I have to go with BigAl on this one! Far more useful info here. While I do not intend to enter competition I am always looking for great recipes and better presentation ideas for my food.

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