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collagen casings smell bad

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by franko, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. I opened a package of collagen casings tonight that I purchased about 3 or 4 months ago and they smelled just like burnt motor oil. They were still in the original packaging and had been stored in the pantry with some canned food. Should these things be refrigerated if they are not going to be used immediately? Has anyone ever had this experience with collagen?
  2. All collagen casings smell -- some worse that others -- once open the smell usually goes away although there is a slight smell witch is associated with the casings

    Collagen casings should always be stored in a dry place, never in a refrigerator

  3. Thanks for the reply. These casings still have a strong odor of burnt motor oil this morning even after laying out all night. I have used collagen casings several times and never had any to smell this strong.  It smells strong enough that I think I will trash them and go with natural casings. Thanks again. - Frank
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    I have two different packages of collagen casings from two different companies.......one says to keep them in the refer........the other says in a cool dry space. But neither one has any smell to speak of.

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    I keep my collagen in the fridge. Keeps them from being dry and brittle. I will put mine up against any that is kept dry on the counter. Go to your local BP and see how dry they are.
  6. Nepas - What brand do you use? I made 10 pounds of kielbasa yesterday using the LEM brand. I was not totally satisfied as they turned out pretty tough. Could have been some of my technique though. I just know when we fried some of them up for breakfast this morning, the skins were hard to cut through and really tough to chew.
  7. Not doubting that you keep yours in the fridge. I answered the question as I know it -- I presently use the following types -- Devro and Nippi 300Fand 230F I also buy by the caddie/box as I normally make between 600 - 1200 lbs of fresh sausage a week. Each caddie/box is sealed when I receive them -- there is also a gel (?) pack in there to keep moisture out and the contents dry -- we are told by the manufacturers to keep the gel (?) pack with the casings after the seal on the box has been broken and if we cannot re-close the wrapping around the box to place it within a large plastic bag 

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