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Discussion in 'Bacon' started by thebigman65, May 22, 2015.

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    I have read a lot of stuff on here and it has been a great help, but unless I have missed it somewhere, I still have some questions on this.  I am a little bit paranoid because there is so much information out there and a lot of it scares me with regards to the botulism risk etc.  I am sure if I follow it correctly there will be no issues, but I just want to make sure:

    - I know the cure/brine recipes and how long I have to cure it for.  The question is, how do I know if I have a problem during or after its finished curing?

    - I bought an A-maze-N pellet smoker and pellets.  Do I just put that in the firebox of my offset and light it to smoke the bacon.  will that give me the 100 to 110 degrees I need?

    - I think i have to smoke them for around 6 that correct?  Does this not have some risks from being in 110 degree temps for 6 hours?  is there an internal temp I am trying to achieve in the bacon?

    - if for example I wanted to add some maple flavour, do I just add that to the brine/cure?

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice. [​IMG]
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    If you have used cure, either Prague #1 or Morton's TQ you have no need to worry about cold smoking your bacon for 6 hours. I smoke mine 18-34 hours in 8 hour sessions. I like the pit to be less than 60 degrees. So not sure where you got the 100-110.

    Once you are done smoking you will need to fridge and if you are planning on keeping it longer than 5 days freeze.

    Since you are cold smoking IT is not a factor as you will cook the bacon later prior to eating. If you were hot smoking you'd need to take it to an IT of 145, which is the minimum safe temp for pork.
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  6. thebigman65

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    Thanks for all your help guys....I started this morning

    Nice Slab!
  7. thebigman65

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    Trimmed them up and ready for the brine bucket

  8. thebigman65

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    I made the brine yesterday according to Pops recipe and left it cool in the fridge overnight. Here they are all happy happy in the briny briny.

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    Now all I have to do is wait 2 weeks!
  10. thebigman65

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    All rinsed off and sitting under the fan for a bit....Sunday we smoke!
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    Won't be long now & you'll have some awesome Home Smoked Bacon!!

    Just a couple Tips: After smoking, fridge it for a couple days before slicing it.

    Then put it in the freezer for 4 hours just before slicing it.

    And don't forget the finished Bacon Pics!!!!

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    Decided after much advice to hot smoke it to 146 IT......can't wait to try it!
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    I know some who do that with Belly Bacon.

    I only take Canadian Bacon & Buckboard Bacon to 145° +.

    You may render some Fat getting Belly Bacon up to 146°, but like I said, others do it that way often.

    Be Back for your Finale!!


  14. thebigman65

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    All to rest in the fridge for a couple days.....slice and pack

  15. bearcarver

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    Keeps looking Better & Better!![​IMG]

    Be back for the pics of the sliced Goodness!!

  16. thebigman65

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    All sliced up.....its Purdy. .

  17. thebigman65

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    Sliced up and ready for the freezer

  18. thebigman65

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    And finally.....the money shot! was yummy!

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    Thanks to everyone for all the help! was much appreciated!
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    Mighty tasty looking Bacon I have a 5# in pops brine now.


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