CI Elk Round Steak Medallions Butter Basted Finish With Simple Sides!

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Thanks civil for the compliment man… appreciate it and the like!

Man, I’ll bet that moose would absolutely hit the spot! That is some phenomenal meat!

Just a side note… my son is torn on putting in on elk or moose this next season! Be interesting to see what he chooses!
We had a regular diet of moose when we were in AK, this is some of my buddys northern moose….Christmas gift….

Maybe these will help him decide……..many many have dreamed of that moose tag….it’s an illusive fun ticket (I’ve lost track of my donations)…. Decisions decisions…
Got that UPS box yesterday from Rafter H BBQ Rafter H BBQ with some of that elk meat in it. Of course had to see if the meat sticks were up to par (they were!!!!) right off the bat!
Was wondering the best way to cook some of the other stuff he sent. Now I know.....
Man I'd eat that straight out the skillet! Looks darn good.

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I want to elk hunt so freakin bad! Not just for the awesome experience in the field, but the awesome experience on a plate like that! Kudos, that looks great!

Thanks for the kind words and like… much appreciated! Yea, elk hunting is fun and rewarding as well!
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Heck yeah, Elvira!!:emoji_laughing: Simple is often times perfect and I don't see anything wrong with that. Elk is on my short list, never had it, but would love to try it...

Thanks Charles… simple it was, much appreciate it! I hope you get the chance to try it…really think you’d like it!
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