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Feb 6, 2013
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Something new for me. When i first looked at some seasonings i was going to order, i passed this one up a few times while going over the list from Curley's.  However when i was ready to submit my order i added a 25 pound batch mix to the order.  Glad i did.  Didn't expect the sausage to be too spicy [and it wasn't] [not for me anyway] but it did pack some heat.  The seasoning bag say's "chilli dog" mix but dogs mean sheep casings and i'm alergic to them LOL.  I make most links brat size anyway so hog casings for me. Here is what i used:

one pack of Curley's chille dog seasoning [enough for 25 pounds]

6 cups of cold water

2 heaping T of diced garlic [from the jar]

5 cups of powdered dry milk powder

1 oz cure #1 [comes with the seasoning]

10 pounds venison

15 pounds pork butt

Still too cold for the smoker so in the oven the links went on jerky racks at 225 until internal of 150.  I've never seen so many days below zero here.  I did manage one day at 10 above to do some canadian bacon.  Anyway here are some pics:

Thanks.  As far as taste goes, surprisingly good.  The reason i was surprised was the reason i hesitated on ordering the seasoning.  I like chilli but as a sausage?  My official taste testers [my wife and her mom] said they tasted like more.  They were a little on the spicy side for my wife's mom but just fine for us. My mother-inlaw did eat what i gaver her however.  I'll be making them again.  I think they would also be good as a stick sausage. Some of these are going to my get-together i have every year on a lake for ice fishing a week from now.  I'll be making some old fashion franks for those who are the whimps in the crowd and like a milder tasting link.  I always serve my sausage with kraut mixed with bacon as a topper.  Reinhard
LOL ... I went to Curley's site to see about ordering a package for a try.

$17 shipping for the thing ... maybe 1#.  Unreal !
Rexlan, you may have made a mistake or picked a different shipping method.  Mine is shipped by the regular mail. I ordered the teriyaki snack stick 25# batch [2lb.] 25# chilli dog [1 1/2 lb] 50 # bacon ground formed [1 1/2 lb] roughly 5 pounds for $12.20 shipping. I dont think they are any different per weight than anyone else if shipped by US Mail.  I think there are options for shipping. i picked the cheapest.  Reinhard
Your sausages look great! I suppose the chilli flavor in the sausage is no different than putting cheese in sausage. Good idea! Curley's uses the USPS priority box where if it fits it ships. I just ordered a few mixes from everything was in the same box.
No,  I did not use the wrong selection.

What they are doing is using a priority mail chart or SW for the shipping rates instead of the flat rate boxes as Woodcutter said.

Here is an example ... 1 pack of he chille dog and one of the bacon ... 2# .....  and both will easily fit in the small flat rate box that cost $5.50 to send anyplace.

Rexlan, i just talked to the owner about shipping.  For the record, i dont sell for Curley's, i'm just a customer [just started recently because the guy i previously got my pre-made seasoning retired from the buisness].  I guess it all boils down to how much you order and where you live.  He told me he gets calls from Florida and California asking him about the shipping costs.  What costs me a certain price for example would cost you more being located in Florida or most places down south or the east or west coast.  He is located in Iowa just an hour away from the Minnesota border.

I dont know anything about shipping because this is my first time around with out of state shipping.  He gets orders from Alaska and those shipping costs are even more.  So if you like call him or his wife and he could explain how it could get cheaper for you as far as shipping. I love his products so i'll keep ordering and like the idea i'm close to where he has his buisness.  Your price of $15.25 for those items would be correct being in Florida. Reinhard
Hey Reinhard  ... thanks for taking the time to look at this and the reply.

The USPS has many different boxes available for flat rate shipping and I use them all them time.  I actually suspect he does as well.  Additionally, the boxes are FREE and they will deliver them to you at no charge and they will also even pick them up for shipping at no charge (that is why the PO is making money right ... LOL).  They travel priority mail w/tracking as well.

As Woodcuter said Curley's uses the USPS priority box where if it fits it ships    In your case he should be using a regional box and it should be around $3-5.  This is a USPS flat rate box or a regional rate box and it does not matter where it goes in the USA ... it is the same price with 2-3 day service.   It does not matter where it is shipped to ... CA, NY, FL ... does not matter.  Weight up to 70# ... does not matter.  If it fits in the box it is a flat rate price.

And, Curley knows this.

He is using standard postal SW to calculate shipping and it is based on zip code and weight ... BUT, he uses the flat rate boxes to actually ship the product.  In the instant case charging $15 for a $5.80 flat rate shipping box (cost).

I wonder why he felt the need to tell you all that ...........

I use the Regional Rate B box all the time to send my man in Calif 10# of salami chubs @ $13.37 from FL to CA

Here is the cost to ship from Iowa to Florida ..... That order I showed earlier cost $5.25 ..... not $15.25 !

You print the label on-line and pay for it ... bang it is done and very simple ... he knows all this already though.


Priority Mail Flat Rate service offers 1 day, 2 day, or 3 day service to most domestic destinations. Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes are available at many Post Offices and can be ordered online at This 1-3 day service may include tracking at no additional cost. Priority Mail bearing an IMpb or retail tracking barcode includes $50 of insurance. Priority Mail bearing an IMpb paid at Commercial Plus Prices includes $100 of insurance. Additional merchandise insurance up to $5,000 may be purchased for a fee.

Domestic Prices

Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes are priced low to U.S. destinations, regardless of the actual weight of the piece up to 70 pounds.
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Thanks Rexlan!!  I'll have to get me  some of those boxes when i mail stuff.  Thanks for the information.  Reinhard
You have to order them on the Internet ... they are free and they will deliver them to you.

Make an account at

Use that account to pay shipping and print your labels and to order boxes.  They will deliver the boxes.

If you are shipping only a hundred miles or so use the Regional box ... much further it will be the same price as the flat rate.  I actually mail the deer sausage I make for a guy here if I can get it in a Regional "B" because it is cheaper than the gas to drive over there. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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