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Chili Relleno Pork Sausage recipe help


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Chili Relleno Berkshire Pork Sausage​

My wife brought home some new sausages to try the other night and we loved them. So now I must figure out how to reproduce them. I am good at making sausage, but developing the actual recipe has always been my challenge. So here I am hoping that I can get some help and input from y’all.

Here is a list of ingredients in order of the amount used. The only thing that had a % was the Monterey Jack Cheese. Anyone have a suggestion on percentages as a starting point.

Pork 100%
Cotija Cheese 20 %
Poblano Peppers 20%
2% or less Monterey jack Cheese 2%
Roasted Garlic
Sautéed onions
Sea Salt
Cane Sugar
Chili Powder
Onion Powder
Black Pepper
Granulated Garlic
Celery Powder (thinking this might be nitrite) 0.25%


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Wonder if our Berkshire has them. Will have to stop on way home from work next week.


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Build the recipe from a known meat weight like 1 pound or 1 Kg or whatever you choose but base it all off of a specific meat weight.

Then weigh the salt and sugar along with cure. These go in to the meat by percentage. I convert pounds to grams and figure the percentage.

1 pound= 454 grams so to figure my salt ( I like 1.5%)
454x0.015= 6.81g salt per pound.

I like about 1% sugar, sometimes less.
454x0.010= 4.54g sugar per pound of meat.

cure #1 can be applied at 1.1 grams per pound to make 156ppm.
I personally would not use celery at all. This contains Nitrate which must first convert to Nitrite. It is very hard to know the actual concentration of Nitrate in a celery product, so much safer to use cure #1 (Nitrite).

As far as spices go, that is all to taste. Generally spices are applied in the 0.25% and lower range, but can go up to 1.0% based on taste preference.

Cheese is a personal preference as well. You just have to play with that to get it right for you.

Remember you can always add more of anything, but you can’t take it out once it’s in there. Make up small batches and then fry test. You can add spice to taste before stuffing.


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I suggest using some poblano powder. Its dehydrated poblanos. I use jalapeno powder along with fresh jalapeno in my sausage. It provides a boost to the pepper flavor.



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Read everything in the link zwiller zwiller posted.
TLDR summery:
1. Fat. 25 - 30% of total weight
2. Salt. 2% of the meat weight
3. Sugar. 10% of the salt weight (0.1% - 0.2 % of the meat weight)
4. Spices. 0.1% - 0.2% of the meat weight.
5. Cure#1. Use if smoking. 0.25% of the meat weight.
6. Water. Up to 10% of the meat weight.

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