Chicken Quarters and Meatloaf

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Mar 13, 2007
Picked up some chicken quarters on sale specifically to smoke after seeing the quarters posted by les3176 last week.  Mostly followed his brine recipe (there was one item I didn't have and I didn't measure exact) but it sounded good and his looked great.  I didn't do a jerk ru as he did just my big ron's rub.  Thought I should throw something else in while I was at it thus the meatloaf

Here they are brining.  Total brine time was aout 15 hours)


Here they are after rinsed and rons rub applied


These ones I just put some pepper pizazz on. Doing these in the oven later too with long grain wild rice


The meatloaf.  Pretty basic recipe. Nothing special but will make a quick meal later in the week


Also threw on some abts for myself (no one else in the house will eat them).  Just cream cheese, shredded cheese and some chorizo then topped with bacon.  Will try to get a pic of those when done.

Smoking around 250 with hickory.
Wow, Everything turned out great.  The real reason I did some of those chicken quarters in the oven was that one family member has a REAL problem with pink chicken even though I have explained to that family member how things work with smoking, but I digress.  So its a good thing I had made the meatloaf too because I had not thought of the oven baked chicken still having pink due to the Tenderquick in the brine.  Oh well, their loss!!!!!

Abts as promised.  Yea, just for me!!!


Meatloaf out of the smoker, right about 2 1/2 hours.  Had only sprayed once with apple juice.  Its a lil guy at only 1 1/2 lbs meat


Chicken out of the smoker.  About 3 hours


Meatloaf sliced for that one particular family member


Dinner plated


And the oven baked chicken

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