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Chicken Legs with Alabama White Sauce (with pics)


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Hi, all.

I save a lot of the e-mailed newsletters from Jeff. Yesterday was finally the day to try this one out!


I had a package of 12 chicken drumsticks, which I thawed, rinsed, patted dry, and put in a pan in the fridge (uncovered) for about 3 hours to dry out.

2020-03-24 SmokedChickenLegs with AlabamaWhiteSauce 3.1.jpg

Then, I made the sauce (which I've never had before, but it is tasty and delicious, even without chicken under it).

2020-03-24 SmokedChickenLegs with AlabamaWhiteSauce 2.1.jpg

After their 3 hours in the fridge, I took them out, brushed on a thick coat of white sauce, and sprinkled liberally with Jeff's Original Rub.

2020-03-24 SmokedChickenLegs with AlabamaWhiteSauce 4.1.jpg

I put them back in the fridge (uncovered) for another 2 hours.

I got the smoker (MES30) going at about 2:15pm, and once it was heated to 235°F, I added hickory chips. Once I had a nice smoke going, I put in the legs, and let them cook for 30 minutes. After the initial 30 minutes, I turned the smoker up to 275°F, and basted with the sauce every 20 or so minutes. They were done after a total smoking time of 2 1/2 hours. They were spicy, and very delicious! My family ate them with tiny baked potatoes (which was all the local market had this week) with fresh garlic chives from the garden. A pretty amazing meal!

2020-03-24 SmokedChickenLegs with AlabamaWhiteSauce 6.1.jpg


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Yum looks delicious! I made the white sauce for a smoked chicken, it’s very good stuff.



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Looks really good kate! I'm going to have to check out the white sauce...
Are those chives on the potato or green onions? Just curious.

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I really need to try the white sauce on chicken....I have the Big Bob Gibson's cookbook with the original recipe in it, just need to get my act together. Thanks for posting and giving me the desire to really follow through on this.

Nice lookin' meal by the way!




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Thanks, everyone! :emoji_green_heart:

smokeymose smokeymose - Those are freshly cut garlic chives from my garden. I love them, because I can rely on them to come back year after year, even though we live in a cold-ish climate!

Yes, Blues1 Blues1 and Smokin' in AZ Smokin' in AZ - It's definitely worth doing!



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Thanks for the like katemail13 it is greatly appreciated.


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