Cherry Rubbed Ribeyes in the Gourmet: Q-view

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Aug 27, 2008
Hey all! This is my first opportunity to smoke up some true ribeye beef steaks, and with my latest flavor craze being cherry dry rub, I had to give 'em a shot.

Heh...I almost forgot to catch a couple shots before both sides were rubbed and ready:



OK, now back to the dry rub...this is found in the Wiki under "C" for cherry...I used the same blend which I used for a 7-bone whole beef rib on Christmas Day, as I wanted a bit heartier blend of dry rub than my original beef steak version for these nicely marbled steaks:


Just onto the top grate of the Gourmet, with 4lbs of chix legs 4" underneath the ribeyes...180* grate temp for 30 minutes, then shooting for 215-220* upper grate temps for the finish with smoke and heat provided by hickory and briqs:



Smoke is on for 1-hr, 15-min, so, finish pics ASAP.

I know this rub is great on steaks, and was just as good on the 7-bone whole rib, so I have no doubts about this smoke either.

Back soon!

Thanks all!


Oh Man I thought I would see the end results but I started to drool reading and I know how too. Those do look alittle funny looking for ribeyes too. Is the lip cut off or something??
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Oh Man I thought I would see the end results but I started to drool reading and I know how too. Those do look alittle funny looking for ribeyes too. Is the lip cut off or something??
Ha-ha! Yeah, Mark, these are trimmed way-down from the looks of them, and being 1" thick cuts, they only weigh 6oz/ea avg. They were separately vac-sealed and wet-aged/frozen. These were a gift from my oldest daughter's boy-friend's parents for Christmas. I think they'd be proud to know I did 'em justice tonight in the smoker.

Ah, you're killing me. Looks absolutely the top of the food chain.
Yeah, I think that anything from the rib section is where the richest and smoothest flavors least for a cut which is relatively affordable for the working class to eat. Nothing tops a rib steak, IMO. I've cold smoked & seared, grilled, cold and then hot smoked plenty of bone-in rib steaks in the past, and no matter how I cook them, they're great eating cuts of beef.
OOhhhhhh... I do love a good steak. Those look great.
Thanks, hey, wait'll ya see this..........

Took me awhile to get tonight's pics uploaded...2 q-views going...however, I think you'll find it was worth waiting for.

1-hr, 45-min total smoke time for medium on most, with a few batting into the med/rare park, and as with everything else I've tossed the cherry dry rub onto...excellent eating. I will say it's a bit more work than the usual fresh-ground spice blends for a typical dry rub, due to mincing the cherries and having to double or triple grind the blend to get it fine enough to do the job, but man, it is soooooo worth it.

Just getting ready to platter-up and rest for a few minutes before taking a sample slice...or, uh, maybe half a steak...ha-ha!!!:


Fresh off the grate...I love the deep rich color of the cherry rub...and remember, this is smoked at no more than about 220* at the end, and around 180* at the searing or scorching going on here:




I ate one of these halves for an appetizer while I waited for my chix legs to's difficult to see the tint of the pink in the meat due to the highly contrasting dark coloring of the finished dry rub and smoked exterior, but this is pink all the way, so I'd have to say med/rare for this fella...nothing like low & slow for an evenly done small cut of meat...oh, and yes, they were very juicy, too:




That was the most tender and delicious steak I've eaten in a very long time!

Thanks all, good-night, and great smokes!!!

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Man those look awesome. I could really go for one or two of those right now is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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