Cheese and butter and water

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rca dog

Smoke Blower
Original poster
Dec 10, 2016
Campbell River, BC
So since I rigged up my cold smoking attachment in anticipation of tommorow's cold smoked moose roast, I thought I would try some other stuff.  

Some cheese and some butter,and some water for ice cubes..  Smoked for 2 hours with cherry.  Smoker temp did not go above 46 deg.  Vaccuum packed the cheese, re-wrapped the butter.

hopefully the ice cubes are scotch worthy !
Looks good did you let the cheese rest a day before wrapping?

I did not.  I must have overlooked that step.  I thought that I would not open it up until Christmas.  Do you find it makes a big difference ?
It probably won't make much.Most post I have read they let rest over night.No sence in opening it now.

Nice job,,, did some cheese and butter yesterday myself,,, will have to give the ice cubes a try for a friend of mine 

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