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Cheddar from scratch

Discussion in 'Cheese Making' started by Holly2015, May 14, 2018.

  1. Holly2015

    Holly2015 Smoking Fanatic

    There really is no odor.
  2. dls1

    dls1 Smoking Fanatic


    That's one Hell of a great tutorial. Very well done.

    I gave fleeting thought to cheese making a number of years ago but, after reflecting on my life at the time, chose not do so. I was traveling year round about 70% of the time, mostly international, and with the limited time that I have when I was home, cheese making wasn't going to be a priority. Also, I've never been known for being a patient person and the idea of waiting for a year or more to sample the fruits of my labor would cause me to lose interest altogether. That said, it's very impressive to see the effort you have put forth on the project.

    Really outstanding job. Like!
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  3. Holly2015

    Holly2015 Smoking Fanatic

    In many facets of my life I am the most impatient person you will every meet. But for some reason I tolerate curing and cheese making with no problem. It helps having a good dog and a couple motorcycle to help pass the time.
  4. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I have all items here need to make mozzarella and ricotta and yet I procrastinate! I fell in love with cheese in my 30's. My Mom thought cheese was only for sandwiches and came out of a cellophane wrapper. I now just got nuts for good cheese and so wish I could make it. Yet I don't, why? I don't know. I just never seem to have the time when i have the inclination and when I have the time something always jumps out there in front.

    Color me impressed (that would be a yellow orange color like carrots). I would just like to make mozzarella to top my pizzas...LOL BUT cheddar, OMG that's the cheese masters cheese. Rat cheese, red rind, its no longer the cheap deli cheese. I am impressed Holly.
  5. Holly2015

    Holly2015 Smoking Fanatic

    Here are some more pic of the cheese press to help clear up the pressure gauge on a spring press CP1.jpg CP2.jpg
  6. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Holly, Foam would have time for cheese... Iffin his sister would stop bringing him 150#'s of shrimp ,at one time, to process...
  7. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Bah! I put up 9 jars of Pineapple jelly, separated, washed,checked enough sheep casings for stix, ground, spiced and mixed in the pepperoni spices with the meat yesterday, LOL

    Today's slow, its HOT, all my TV shows are ending their seasons tonight but I might get those bags of shrimp re-established in the freezer and stuff those stix yet tonight.

    I need more experiment time to do cheese. Thats no small process.
  8. tropics

    tropics Smoking Guru ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Great step by step The cheese looks fantastic Likes
  9. Holly2015

    Holly2015 Smoking Fanatic


    Mozzarella or queso fresco take less than an hour from beginning to end to make. They are also great confidence builders when initially starting cheese making.

    When you decide to try just make sure you do not get milk that is ultra-pasteurized as it will not work.
  10. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Thanks I will try and remember that.
  11. R Blum

    R Blum Smoke Blower

  12. link

    link Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Thanks for the great instructions. I have always wanted to make cheese and after reading through this I may just give this a try when I have a weekend to do so.

  13. redheelerdog

    redheelerdog Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Thanks for the how to, I will be saving this for the future.

    Very nice cheese!
  14. chilerelleno

    chilerelleno Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Not much I can say in praise that hasn't been said.
    Great tutorial and product, thank you for the time involved with the pics and all.

  15. I got a "kit" for making mozzarella and have procrastinated. No more . That looks awesome. like for sure
  16. nanuk

    nanuk Smoking Fanatic ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Bump to thank Holly2015 for bringing attention to cheese, my other favourite meat!

    because of another thread that got the cheese into two forums, i have a renewed interest, and also appreciate the link to that "Other" cheese forum!

    This is something I want to do, as in Canada, cheese is SOOO Expensive. (anyone following the Canada/USA NAFTA issues?)

    So to save some money, and make good eats, I want to try this, and now.... I can learn HOW!

    Thanks Holly!
  17. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    300% tarrif's are the problem....

    Holly, evening.... Just going over the recipe and I noticed.... Add 0.08 grams of calcium chloride to 3 gallons of milk... Did I miss something ??
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  18. nanuk

    nanuk Smoking Fanatic ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    yup, and "Supply Management" that removes competition
  19. Holly2015

    Holly2015 Smoking Fanatic

    Thank you for catching the error. It been corrected to 1/8th tsp or 0.45g of calcium chloride.
  20. Holly2015

    Holly2015 Smoking Fanatic

    Friends of mine traveled through Canada earlier this year and they universally commented on how much higher food costs were in Canada opposed to the USA. The average full breakfast was in the $25 to $30 range and simple BE&C breakfast sandwich was around $11. One of my buddies was hung up an a small container of baked beans (about a 1/3rd cup) was $6.

    If you are having trouble getting cheese making supplies at an affordable cost let me know. It might work out for me to buy in the US and then ship "Art Supplies" to you.