Cheddar Frankfurters (32mm)

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Jan 18, 2020
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Buddy of mine gets a snack from time to time from a big convenient store. It’s call a “Bahama Momma” basically a pig in a blanket with a 30mm frank but it has cheese in the frank. He asked me to try to duplicate. So here we go.

Using some meat from a recent hog harvest, and some 32mm collagen casings, I made two 1kg runs. One with sharp cheddar, and one with some “Mexican” flavored Velveeta. All with my standard Frankfurter recipe. (But added celery seed).

First grind the meat through the 1/8” plate.

Keeping the two separate, I put them back in the fridge to chill.
Then mix the spices and prepare to hand mix. Recipe to follow.

all mixed in just until we’ll incorporated and tacky. Don’t want to over work the batter, still have to emulsify. Everything in except for cheese and erythorbate.

Next we make balls about twice the size of a golf ball, then elongate them like a log, about 1 1/4 diam. To feed into the Champion Juicer to emulsify.

Now ready to emulsify. These logs make feeding the juicer much easier.

Then mix with cheese and erythorbate and stuff.

Doing these all like a “fry test” and on the pellet grill at 225*. No reason to fire up the smokehouse for a trial run. The fry test was good so am hopeful. They are on now and will post the results and recipe shortly.
Looks like your off to a great start Edge. Pic 6 kinda looks like it belongs with my Who Dung Diet post. :emoji_laughing:

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No money shot on these, they went straight to my buddy when done. Still waiting to see if the flavor profile is right or need adjustment. Once I get that feedback, hopefully tonight, I will do a bigger run with hog casings and process in the smokehouse.
I just wanted to throw out there putting cheese in Frank’s, or even bologna. I didn’t even get a taste yet.

Here is my Frankfurter recipe. I use this with little change from hotdog to ring and chub bologna.

Per 1kg pork 80/20
Salt) 15.0g
Cure #1) 2.5g
Smoked paprika) 5.0g
White pepper) 4.0g
Coriander) 1.0g
Ground mace) 1.0g
Gran garlic) 5.0g
Onion powder) 3.0g
Celery seed) 3.0g
Sugar) 2.0g
Stpp) 4.0g
Sodium erythorbate) 0.05% (0.5g per kg)
Tepid water) 1/4 cup. Dissolve stpp in water then ice cube to cool it down.

I added 120g of cheese to 1kg.
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😄 How is it that you didn't save one each for yourself?😜 Recipe sounds good..JJ
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