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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jarhead1979, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Just throwing this out there for some input...

    I came across some packer briskets at WalMart, yesterday. They were selling for about $1.98/lb. The thing that threw me for a loop was that they were labeled USDA PRIME. I haven't purchased a prime brisket before, I usually go with choice, but I thought that the prime ones were generally much more expensive. Were they priced wrong? Were they labeled incorrectly?


  2. smokinal

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    Buy it NOW!

    It has been mislabeled!!!

  3. Roger that, Al! I'll grab a few on the way home today. Gonna have to throw some of the wife's groceries out of the BB-Fridge in the garage. I keep telling her the BB stands for Booze and Barbeque, but she won't listen.
  4. Kicking myself in the backside pretty hard right about now... of course, they were all gone by the time I made it back. Lesson learned.

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