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Nov 22, 2006
Haltom City Tx
Ive noticed we have a chat room has anyone ever used it. Every time I log on I never seen anyone on it. Just wandering if it works.
Wouldn't there have to be 2 logged on at the same time.....the Chat-er...and the Chat-ee...?...or maybe 3 Chat-ers and 4 Chat-ees?....then who chats first??
I had the same experience a few months back. I PM'd Monty and told him to log on and I logged on and it does work. It just seems that no one ever wants to use it. :?:
Good description Randy. It was a blast visiting in real time with all of you who popped in on Friday evening. Lets keep it going and the rest of you come on in and say hi.

As a side note, I think this would be a great tool to help some new guys as they cook if they need. Instant answers to your questions.
Well looks like I may have started a great fellowship here. Sorry I missed out on the fun friday night. But Im looking forward to a good chat session, and there couldn't be a better place for this to happen than being here with all you good people.
The chat last night went very well. There were lots of discussions on varied topics and just good conversation. I'm not sure why the chat thing hasn't caught on here yet, but it should be vital tool for those who have questions and need answers soon.

I understand that everyones schedule isn't the same, I'm a prime example of one major screwed up schedule, but if the opportunity is there jump into the chat room, even if you just sit to listen in.

Remember that there is a short "away" timer, so every now and then just type a "Q" to stay in the active area and not automatically logged out. No pressure to talk if you don't want to.

Had a great time guys.. still waitin on the gals to show up

Keep Smokin
I agree, we had a nice chat this morning during a present smoke in progress. Jerky, Brisket and smoking were some of the subjects. It was great. :)
Marvin, we'll probably be in again tonite so check it out. I thought it was shame you missed what you started as well. Look forward to visiting with you! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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