Chargriller pellet grill temp probe

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Jul 12, 2011
I have a chargriller pellet smoker and was wondering how to clean the temperature probe that the controller uses to know what the temp is. The last 2 times I've used my pellet grill the temps have stalled at 190 on the digital controller the first time then the next cook I wiped the probe off with just a paper towel and the temps wouldn't go over 315 when set to 350 on the controller. Is this a controller issue or is the internal probe just really dirty? I've had this grill for sometime and use it probably 3-4 time a week but have never cleaned the probe. Thanks if you can help.
Isn't the probe for meat temp? If so, it should have no affect on the set temp of the pit, and I may be a controler issue.

If your talking about the temp sensor, I've never cleaned mine on my GMG, but I did have one of bad and had to swapp it out.
Yes I meant the temp sensor sorry for the confusion.
I'd try alcohol like Al suggested. If that doesn't help i'd swap out the sensor first as there less expensive then the controller.
You could clean it with alcohol, but it sounds to me like you have a bad controller.

Thanks Al I cleaned the sensor with Alcohol and the temps were again reading normal on the controller. Temp at the grate was 20 degrees higher than what the controller was reading but it's been like that since I've had this grill. With it being 20°F outside with a brisk wind today I'm happy. Thanks again Al.
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