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Charcoal / Lump Coal Recommendations

kevin pitzer

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Hello all - I have a WSM and follow Harry Soo quite a bit which I love his tips/techniques. I was wondering what most comp people use for charcoal/lump coal. I currently use Kingsford because it is easy to purchase anywhere, however I am seeking something that might be better which will provide a better flavor/smoke taste that is readily available? Any suggestions???
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I use RO because it's cheaper, and seems to as good (if not better) than Kingsford. I get my flavor from adding smoke wood.


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+1 for royal oak. Even their house brands are good and Soo much cheaper per lb. This isn't as big of a deal I guess if you don't use a lot, but many of use go through a ton of charcoal.

So if it's better and cheaper? It's coming home with this guy.


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I'm on my phone and can't put the links in here. I tested KBB against RO Ridge briquettes and RO won hands down. It is also bagged under a lot of names like Embers at Home Depot and Expert Grill at Wally World. Try a bag, but use 1/4th the amount of hot charcoal compared to KBB to start the cold pile of Ridge and wood.


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Royal Oak is the way to go. B&B is starting to gain some ground too. I think kingsford is just the well known brand of your casual griller/camper and there are plenty of better options. RO burns hotter longer and the bags are decently consistent with the size of the lump.

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