Charcoal Basket / Maze from Klose

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Mar 1, 2011
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Hey guys,
Here's a mod I did to my New Braunfels Super Longhorn Deluxe smoker. :grilling_smilie:

Klose BBQ Pits in Houston custom made me a charcoal basket to precisely fit my firebox. Since the NB firebox is round, we were careful with the dimensions to allow the basket to slide in the side door (without having to lift a hot basket through the main top door). With the round box, and the square/flat basket, airflow is well managed and the height is perfect.

Klose did an awesome job at a reasonable price and were very accommodating. I highly recommend them for any smoker/grilling/fabrication needs. :biggrin:
Final dimensions are 12" deep by 17" long by 8" tall.

I have seen this idea before.  Nice build.  Unless you are producing white smoke, it looks good to go.

Good luck and good smoking!
Reardenreturns, That is a very nice mod, it even gives me an idea for a new mod to my Brinkmann SnP Pro that I am about to rework with a few new mods and some repairs on older mods.  Thanks for sharing this with us.  Looks like Klose did a first class job on it.  Do they have a web site or are they just a local firm or do they make and sell mods?

Your SMF Friend,

Here's a stupid question. Whats the metal strips on the inside of the box for?
The divider walls allow for the fire to burn thru a maze,  This will give a longer burn time and better control.

Great looking Charcoal Maze.  How about a few pics of it filled up and burning?


Here's a pic of a Charcoal Maze I found last year while doing some research.

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Here's a stupid question. Whats the metal strips on the inside of the box for?

TJohnson is right, the "walls" are to give control and long burn time without igniting adjacent coals. The picture he posted above is actually a Klose basket as well.

FYI, Klose makes all sorts of rigs from small backyard rigs to huge trailer rigs, all customer fabricated at their shop in Houston. Their website is

They are super friendly and helpful. I toured their facility and they have some amazing rigs.
Here's a pic of it setup to burn for pulled pork. I use B and B natural lump charcoal. You'll notice its filled about 1/2 way up the height of the maze, with wood chips strategically position to smoke at the appropriate times. The hole on the top left is to pour in the first hot coals started in a chimney (about 1/2 a regular chimney's worth).

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That's a really good design. I know how well the walls work from my AMNS.

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