Char-Griller Smokin Pro

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Yeah, I kinda figured it wouldn't hold, but then again, I've never used the stuff. I ALWAYS use hardware if possible... or weld it!
or weld it!

Bingo! If I knew how to or had a welder I would weld, I used the cement in it's place. And I used that instead of JB because it goes to 2000*
GREAT analogy!
I just shaped mine to the lid, and let it hang in the front left corner. I didn't even attach it and it stays there with no problem. Even with loading and unloading in the trailer and taking them to competitions.

When you buy the flexible dryer vent hose, you will have enough to make two. Just put the other piece up for when you get addicted and buy your 2nd CG....

As far as seasoning it, I just took one of the el-cheapo pistol grip sprayers, filled it with veggie oil and just soaked it, fired it up, and let it get up to temp. After a couple of hrs I repeated. It seasoned real good. Now whenever I use it, I just heat it up, brush the grates, and spray again.

Do not try to peel the labels off. When the lid gets warm, just take a rag, and peel them off. When the adhesive heats up, it will release them real easy. I took the spray bottle and when it got hot, sprayed down the outside and wiped it with a rag a few times.

After you use it a few times, you will see that the sfb will blister the paint.... just spray it with veggie oil, and it will keep it from rusting. If I am not going to use it for a while, I spray the inside too.

ps... you have an instant message.

Sweet, Hey Grumpy those links you sent me were awesome! You may want to post them here or in their own thread for everybody else to use too. They were really helpful and informative.

So what temp am I looking for to season the smoker? Do I want it jet hot so it almost blisters the paint? or do I want a reasonable temp to just polymerize the oil and get the smoke flavor in it? If its the later, what is a reasonable temp to season my smoker at?

Ok, What about maintenance? Is there anything I should do each time I smoke to prevent corrosion? or is the seasoning process enough to last a good long while?

Oh yeah! My smoker should be here on the 1st!!
I cant remember what temp I thought I was seasoning it at. I used the stock Temp gauge at first ................ Come to find out it is a piece of junk. So I had no idea what temp it was really at. I think the directions spell it out for you clearly. Now I spray the inside of the barrel down with Pam from time to time, 'specially if it hasnt been in use for a couple of weeks.

For what its worth ....... I never bothered trying to seal any of the extra gaps around the food chamber. I think the most important thing to help control the heat (that I am worried about) is the gap around the ash drawer. That still allows air to the fire, even if you close the intake wheel vent. Anyways I have never had major problems maintaing temps, in the winter it was a bit of a struggle, till I threw a moving quilt over the cook chamber top .............. thats all you need come winter!
Thats one thing I plan on replacing in a hurry, if I don't get around to getting the thermometers on either side of the smoker I at least want an accurate one in the big hole the old one will leave when I put it where it belongs.
Brennan, I highly recommend getting the thermometers installed soon, just above the grate without touching the grate surface. I installed mine 1.5" up from the lower edge of the lid and 3.5" over from each side. As far as the hole where the stock unit is, don't put a thermometer way up there... it's too far away from the cooking surface. You need to get a temp reading at the grates. Leave the stock one in place for now, just to plug the hole.

If you can't do it right away, get yourself an oven or grill surface thermometer... they're inexpensive. Or you can get a digital unit, such as the Maverick ET-73... just some options for ya'....

See attached pic of my thermometer install... they work great!
I'll have to shop around for thermometers and see what I can find. How did you make the holes for your thermometers? did you just drill a hole big enough for the probe to fit through? or is there a way you secure them in place? Also I was looking at the placement and I wouldnt be able to fit my vent where I want it...I could always opt out of installing the warmer tray and put the vent in the back and more out of the way. On that note, are there any holes that not installing the warmer tray will make that I need to seal up? or will that not make much of a difference?

In other news, My smoker gets here next wednesday (WOO HOO) the only problem is I'm going on travel (business trip of sorts) that friday and wont be back til the 14th or so
. I'm thinking I might not have time to put my new baby together and have her ready for seasoning before I leave...much less a first smoke to break her in. On the bright side though, it will give me plenty of time to mull over the details and have a good plan on how I wanna put her together.
I put min together in about 2 1/2 hours and 5 beers! It says you need two people but I found no problems doing it myself. It will go easy if you follow the instructions, DO NOT tighten the screws and nuts until you are told to do so. After I got mine all cemented and tight it is really solid.
I'll have my Brother-in-law here to help me out if need be, alas, he is vegan so I'll have to smoke him something special if there's time, I'll not go into why he's vegan and just leave it at that. I hope I'll be able to find time to at least get her put together in between first of the month grocery shopping and all the other fun stuff that comes with the first of the month paycheck.

I'll have to give the warming tray some more thought, It would be convenient to have in a pinch, the thing is, I have my Weber Performer too, she's still brand new (just over a month old) and barely broken in. Granted, the smokin' pro boasts a 35 burger capacity, I'm not planning on cooking for a crowd that can go through 35 burgers. I'm thinking of using the smokin' pro for just smoking...I might just leave the holes there in case I decide to change my mind...Like they say in the military, Semper Gumby.
Hey Hawg...I couldnt help but notice this in your sig

Weber kettle grill w/rare '51 Plymouth vent mod

Got any pics of that baby? I have to see it to believe it.

Oh and I did a google search for CG smokin pro mods and not only did SMF come up as the top hit...but it was THIS THREAD
not to display my awesome-ness or anything, but I just picked mine up this past weekend...started assembly at approx. and had to be at the fiance's house by noon, otherwise, death was the only outcome for me.

I assembled, cleaned up my tools, and was at her house by 12:05...not too I didn't miss anything and it stays together
wht93gted;72766 said:
not to display my awesome-ness or anything, but I just picked mine up this past weekend...started assembly at approx. and had to be at the fiance's house by noon, otherwise, death was the only outcome for me.

I assembled, cleaned up my tools, and was at her house by 12:05...not too I didn't miss anything and it stays together

Yes, but mine included a six pack of Heiniken
I just happened to notice one small detail about this grill is missing..It just flat out looks COOL!When friends come over they actually think I know what I'm doin imagine that LOL
The sfb coal grate is too low, and it will fill up with ash and smother out your fires if you use charcoal. I used a piece of expanded metal and just placed it on top of the sfb cooking grate.

i put 2 bricks under my grate in the sfb. works great and i have hotter temps. just another idea, because i could never find any expanded metal.
and i also love my char griller.
I have a char-griller smokin pro model 1224 and just started using my Maverick ET-73 thermometer yesterday. I have boil tested both probes to the thermometer and the installed therm but I'm getting some weird readings for temperature. My top therm is reading 300 degrees and my digital therm is reading two seperate temps even though they are right next to each other. I'm getting 363 and 338 on my two probes. Does anyone know why this would be? I'll attach pictures of how I tested it.
Here are my mods w/pics. Thought it might help.

I attached the unused legs from the side fire box to the charcoal grate in the main chamber. Notice the right side, I bent the legs to fit directly over the bolts that are holding the side fire box on to the main unit. This also makes the side of the baffle closest to the fire lower than the far side which will allow heat to rise and evenly distribute.

Here you can see the slight evevation from right to left

This shows the pattern I chose to drill 1/4" holes in the baffle. Fewer holes on the fire side, more on the cool side.

This is what the baffle looks like when in place. Fits flush on the fire side, just above the bolts.

I fill in the spaces that are left with foil, forcing the heat through the matrix of holes in the baffle

This shows what I used to seal the smoker better. My biggest compaint about this model is that it is not sealed well at all. I went to Ace Hardware and purchased 12' of "stove gasket" and the cement shown in the pics. I attached it to the front and sides in one continous piece on the outside. The back I attached to the inside of the top. I used a bunch of those black office alligator clips to hold it on overnight and then fired the grill really hot to set the cement. Make sure that you sand all the surfaces that the cement will touch on the smoker or it will not hold.

Here is what I did to the stack.

Added two more thermometers which I found at home depot for $7 each

I could not find a charcoal basket for a reasonable price so I went to home depot and this is what I ended up with.

Here I built alot of smoke to see how well it all sealed up. This is 100% then before mods. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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