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    You can go to They sell sealer gaskets for BGE's. Though I haven't applied the strips to my SH 44" #8, I bought scraps at Brian's suggestion. He asked for dimensions for the 2-door smoker, He charged me $20 instead of a $30-$35 roll. # is 855-444-4783. Aland
  2. As do I, ended up using a sawzall to get it out. Those instructions make it sound like it just pops out, glad to know i wasnt the only one possibly cursing that thing!
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  4. I bought aluminum angle iron from Lowe's.  It cuts easily with a hack saw.  To attach it, I used stainless bolts.  Make sure you use a step drill bit.  It provides a much cleaner hole.  Currently I have high temp rtv in the angle iron, but I would like to use BGE felt instead.  With the rtv on the angle iron, I have to add a small single layer strip of foil on the the angle iron because I pressed down too hard when making a groove in the sealant a little smoke leaks out.  This mod has helped me to manage air leakage.
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    The metal on this unit isn't the best to be welding on. Like CrazyBoutSmoke I combined what a few people did and have had excellent luck. There is a very small amount of smoke leaking but that is because I screwed up my measurements when drilling on the right and the front ended up slightly lower than the rear. The leak is so small it isn't worth fixing it.

    Here's the thread on what I did.

     Additionally, I added wheels with brakes; now it's so easy to move my wife can do it.

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    Good call on the fire rope on your ash pan.  I've been wondering about how to deal with that gap as well.  That hurts the ability to control air flow.  I assume you haven't had any issues with the temp getting too high that close to the fire?  That might not be a terrible idea to plug another leak I've had around the lid to my SFB.  Hmm.  Sounds like I've got another round of mods in the future.  Gotta get them done for Thanksgiving.
  7. Wow!!! You guys are way ahead of me in the technical part.  I've REALLY got to catch up.  Anyone have any ideas about what's the next best step up from my ole reliable Brinkman Chimney style.   I have a nice gas grill I use for grilling, but I think I'm ready for a big girl smoker. 
  8. I bought a WSM 18.5 after I got my Chargriller, and I wish I would have spent the money on another chargriller... :(
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    Well I am not saying I know much about this but my Char Griller is not sealed and I don't have a problem getting it to around 275 to 300 for 3 hours just setting my dampers about 1/4" OPEN . I put 3 full charcoal onto the firebox then I light another 20 pieces of charcoal in my charcoal lighter and do the minion method. I cook it in the smoker for 5 hours or until the internal temp gets to around 170 then take out the brisket and double wrap it in tin foil, I put half a cup of liquids that come out of the drip tray you have under the brisket. I put in in the oven for another 3 hours at about 240 or so until the meat temp gets to 200, then take it out and let it rest for 30 minutes and it will be the best you have ever had.I am attaching a couple of photos. Hope this helps.
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    I added the baffle tp my smoker and temps rose on SFB side and dropped on non-SFB side. I took it out and discovered that without it my smoker stays at an even temp. I do loose a lot of smoke but everything I've smoked has come out excellent. I'm using the tuning plates to hold my drip pan.
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    Today it has been 5 years since this thread was started; over 29,000 views and over 300 replies it is still going strong!
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    I've been following these posts for awhile getting ideas for my next upgradce to my Chargriller Duo w/ SFB.  One thing I have done is make it more portable.  I used a cart from Harbor Freight, and had a friend move the wheels to the outside to lower it.  This really helps when moving it from it's parking spot on the patio over to the back of my yard when I'm running the smoker.  I move it to the back of the yard to piss off my neighbor.

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  13. Great idea!!!

    What brand wheels did you purchase and how much did you cut off of the legs? Did the wheels fit or did you have to modify them or the legs?

  14. Great idea on the wheels!

    What brand wheels did you purchase and how much did you have to cut off of the legs? Did the wheels fit or did you have to alter them or the legs?

  15. the link you provided was great for the trim but it didn't say anything about the wheels.  Can you give more detail as I would like to add wheels also.
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    Did a few more Mods a few weeks ago on my CGSP SFB...seemed ok, but I used this crap charcoal from Gander Mountain, mut have been mosit or something, could hardly keep it going, consequently my smoke took was still good though

    First new Charcoal basket 12x12x6

    Added a larger tuning plate...

    2000 degreee silicone...worked "ok"

    Ran some 5/8 furnace rope along back of lid...and front

    had to take front one off as lid would not close properly..back one worked perfect

    Attached steel angle iron to side, then ran 1/2 furnace rope in channel to seal the sides...should have used 5/8

    These turned out good

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    Thanks Firepit!

    I purchased the wheels form Caster City. The part number is 3ABK3X-ER21-ML;

    The leg frame is roughly 2" dia so the 1-13/16 expanding rubber stem was a perfect fit. I can't recall how much I cut off, but if you cut it even with the other side, where the factory wheels are mounted, you should be o.k..

    I used a die grinder to make the cut (A hacksaw would work too) and a round file to trim back the burs on the inside. Keep in mind the metal is not very thick, so don't get agressive with it or you can bend the ends in making it difficult to insert the stem. Additionally, I drilled though the legs into the rubber so I could run a screw in to keep it extra secure.

    I had bought four wheels to do all four legs, but it was too much of a hassle to get the other side done. It actually worked out well as I believe it is easier to handle than it would have been with four casters.

    Hope this helps! Good luck with the mods. I've got my unit exactly where I want as it performs flawlessly!
  18. Thanks for the info Webdaddy! I just order the casters and can't wait to get them on. Every time I move my Chargriller now I can feel the firebox flex, lol!
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    I have read through all seventeen pages a few times now and I have seen a varying amount of fuel usage.  What has everyone found to be their average fuel uses over a six hour smoke for warm temps, cold temps and windy temps and with what mods you have made?  I only have so much time so I can only do a mod or two at a time so I am trying to figure out which ones will minimize fuel usage and then I will move to evening out the temps in a few months. Thanks in advance and you all have helped me out so much. 
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    A follow-on question here, it is cold here and I really want to smoke this weekend but I don't want to run out of fuel again.  I have been covering the smoking chamber with a moving blanket but I was curious if anyone can tell me if they cover the SFB with anything and if it helps.  If it does help what do you recommend I cover it with?  I have read where others have made cold weather smoking stations out of plywood but I neither have the room or the funds to make it happen. Thanks

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