Char-Griller Duo

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Fatties and crackers for breakfast MMMmmmm

Awww PC, yer killin' me here! I'm starvin' and that food looks wunnerful!!
Well lunch is way over and the CharGriller Duo performed well... even though I haven't been smoking with charcoal I was able to control the temps, which ran from 215º to 250º.

In my opinion I over cooked the ribs using the 3-2-1 method, but is a matter of learning the machine. The only real problem was that the rub I put together was too salty.

Over all I like the CharGriller and would recommend it to anyone looking for something they can grill on with gas or charcoal Plus can use as a smoker and turn out some fine Q.

The only real draw backs would be the lenght and weight of the unit doesn't make it very portable and the grate cooking area is a little small if it is your only means of smoking.

As with most any horizontal smoker there is a mod or two to make to make the temps run even. I just turned over the charcoal pan for now, but will probably put in a baffle to make the unit a little more efficient on fuel.

My Opinion is 4.3 Stars out of 5

Keep Smokin
Congrats Piggy!

That's a real nice looking smoker/cooker/coffee maker/ grill ya got there! Talk about All in One!

Nice looking ribs and fattys too!
It's got everything you need except a pool and acreage.
Now why'd they have to go and ruin a good thing?

Everybody knows Gas is for Grillin', Charcoal & Wood is for barbecue! :)

Hey Piggy ... Been studying the pix of the Duo, is there two totally separate smokers mounted together on there or is there a wall between the two? It looks like two different ones from here ...

Gee that's a cool looking smoker
Debi It is two units on one frame. The left is a gas grill the right is a charcoal grill / smoker with SFB added. I'm thinking down the road a bit I can pipe the two together and have twice the smoker room.

My girlfriend bought me this unit for my birthday this spring!  I absolutely love it!!!  Does a great job smoking with the side fire box, took a bit of time to figure out temp controls, but am getting it figured out.  Awesome allround unit.  I can smoke on one side, and throw a burger on the propane side for a quick snack!  Would recommend it to anyone!!!
I have had one of these for about two years. Winter time smoking is a bit harder to keep temps but summer time I have no problem keeping at about 215-225.
I have smoked several 10-14 pound butts and full slabs of ribs. Get some hi temp caulking to seal around the stacks, put a baffle to keep the heat even across the grills. It's great to have the gas on the other side too! Great investment!
I got mine in 2009.

2010 Mods ...

Added larger wheels.

Steering for portability especially when smoke is going and wind changed direction.

Swing arm so it won't stick straight out

Don't make fun of my welding, this was my first try.

Dryer tube for smoke stack. Stove rope gasket around edge...can't see it to well.


Basket. Made it from an old grocery cart.

2011 had to repair the flame shield brackets on the gas side...they rusted...No pics

2012 ... From my post on another link .....

I was wondering about adding ceramic briquettes. Debated about doing this since this unit has the charcoal side. Once the flame shields rusted, I came up with mod. The materials were about the same price as ordering 3 new flame shield from Char-Griller. Would have been cheaper and easier if I had made just one large basket but I liked keeping it modular and besides I really need practice welding.

Rusted Flame Shields. Not sure why they rusted so bad.

This and the brackets (last year) are the only things that needed replacing because of rust.

Material Used.

Basic frame.

A smaller flame shield with grate.

First basket.

Done. Just need to season the baskets.

Time will tell if it was worth it.
I bought the Duo a little over 2 years ago now.  I took the top rack and set the charcoal pan on it and suspended it from the side of the smoker to create a baffle.  My only issue with it was that the sfb rusted out in under 2 years even though it was completely covered when not in use.  Otherwise, that rig puts out some seriously good bbq.  You can see some of my videos I put on youtube with it in action @ kingofthabarbie on youtube.  Good luck with it, overall a really great choice
Bought the duo last weekend and added the side fire box. Seasoned it and cooked to racks of ribs in the smoker. They turned out great. Added lump charcoal two times in 4 hours. Temp was held between 225 and 250 with no problem. My girlfriend wanted to be able to cook on the gas side and it has worked out very well hamburgers and brats all were great. So far a great unit
Got the Duo last month, and have done two Boston Butts, and totally love the smoker. My wife likes the ease of the grill side, but I am definitely preferring some low and slow Q!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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