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  1. Okay so my $89 Charbroil sidecar has about 80 hours of smoke time since we bought it in May.  Its pretty beat.  The charcoal/food grates in both pits are rusted, the sidecar is rusted bad and the underside is chalky white, and i'm pretty sure the therm is losing accuracy.  Sure I could scrape it and paint it and make a few mods...but I happened to glance at the bayou classic ceramic grill/smoker on this page and fell in love with the look...but before I shell out the cash...anyone have one, or know anything about em...will I have as much fun with a ceramic?  Will it last a new england winter? Any input appreciated

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    I don't know about the  "bayou classic" but I have a Primo XL ceramic and I'm willing to put a weeks worth of pay saying that there is nothing out their that can beat it. -20 or 100 degrees. It doesn't matter. It stays the same temp. I can run it at 70 degrees for smoking cheese or 800degrees for stakes. Also, I get about 40hrs out 10lbs of lump

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