Cement Board

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Cinder blocks contain fly ash, yet it's used in millions of pits and grills around the world with no problems at all.

Google "fly ash" next time you're eating at your local favorite old school BBQ joint, or attending a local hog cook out.

Here, I'll just give you the link.

Season the hell out of the cement board by running a couple loads of hardwood through it, and you'll be fine. Remember, nobody gets out alive, live a little while you can. If you really want to worry about what you're putting into your body, Google the ingredients of your favorite can of soda pop, or the fruit snacks you're giving your kids, hell I won't even mention Kraft Mac and cheese or hot dogs. I'd be a 1000x more concerned with what pesticides our Government has approved as food safe to treat the grain that our bread and thousands of other things such as our fruits veggies, and meat.

Not to mention the chemicals we live in contact with every single day of our life's, day in and day out, that are in our building products that our homes are built out of.

Okay, I will mention it!!!

You guys crack me up.

Hmmm, I wonder what is the dye is made of that they use in cure number 1 to turn it pink???:emoji_astonished::emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing:

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Smokehouse= cold smoking and sausage/hams and the like not exceeding 170*
I would not make a smokehouse for making bbq...But thats just me.
Concrete board not for me.

BBQ= Metal normally made by a company and for higher temps 200 plus.
cold smoking and sausage/hams and the like not exceeding 170*
That's the part that gets missed .
higher temperatures ..... like 250 or even 300?
USG specs Durock not to be used at temps above 200 . REMEMBER , they're talking about an intended use " complete " application . Not raw in a food environment .

Here's a link to the specs sheet . Number 13 under limitations .

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