Celery powder debate

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*The USDA currently does not recognize naturally occurring nitrates as effective curing agents in meats, so if using Celery Juice Powder for products being sold to the public, the end-products must be labeled "Uncured".

Copied from Sausage Makers description of Celery Juice Powder......

Regardless of the curing method used, restricted ingredient calculations for bacon are based on the green weight of the skinless belly. For rind-on bacon, e.g., where the skin is sold as part of the finished product, a restricted ingredient conversion calculation is necessary. Nitrate is no longer permitted in any curing method for bacon.

Copied from the FSIS handbook.......
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Thank you Dave! As I looked and sure enough, the "Dartagnan" brand of duck bacon that I sometimes buy, indeed says in huge print: "UNCURED." So that makes great sense now, and I love learning from you experts here, so thank you tons!!

Cheers! - Leah
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