Caveman Day: Big, Burly, Bodacious Bones (Heavy Q-View)

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Food looks great.
Thanks very much. I appreciate it.
But I don't anything about a throwdown.
The theme for the Throwdown is ribs (bodacious bones) and I cooked a standing rib roast. That makes it a viable entry....if I were eligible to enter. Anybody else however can cook one and send it in as an entry.

Here is a concept that I'd bet very few, if any, have considered for their Throwdown entry. Per entry requirements, here is one pic with a brief description and the code word "Ribs".

5 pound 3-bone Standing Beef RIB Roast slow smoked with hickory, seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, kosher salt, and black pepper. Serve with homemade au jus, 3-cheese scalloped potatoes and a Steakhouse salad.
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Come on Chris ( gmc2003 gmc2003 ) you gotta let me send this to myself as a TD entry. I promise not to tell anybody that it's my meal and I did follow the code word rule this time :emoji_laughing:

So, all joking aside, I knew I had this roast in the freezer. Tracy was out of town and I thought it'd be a good time to invite a couple friends for a true (well, sort of true) Caveman Day. Although there were sides, this one was all about the meat...and a LOT of it at that. Invite went out to Rick and Doug, both of whom readily accepted.

The roast: 5 pounds and three bones. This will be cut into three enormous cowboy rib eyes when it's all done and ready to serve.
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Out of the package. Couple of pics.
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View attachment 668247

One lumpy, bumpy, old fat dog with high expectations for a nice after-dinner bone :emoji_wink:
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Remove most of the fat cap and the silver skin. Score the top both directions, rub it down with Worcestershire sauce, kosher salt, and butcher's grind black pepper.
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Running this one low and slow with hardwood lump charcoal and hickory. Smoker ran between 190 and 195 the whole time. I'm anticipating a 5 hour cook so put this on at noon.
View attachment 668250

A little TBS once again with clouds in the background. Clouds did clear a bit later and it got HOT!!
View attachment 668251

Scalloped taters with fresh grated Parmesan, whole milk mozz, extra sharp cheddar, and a preponderance of fresh onions out of Rick's garden.
View attachment 668252

At the 2 hour mark. Really taking on some nice color.
View attachment 668254

An interesting pic: some poolside TBS.
View attachment 668255

Got the timing of this one down pretty tight. I was shooting for 5:00 finish. It hit an IT of 130 at 5:04 and we're ready to eat. This thing is looking really good!! A couple pics.
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View attachment 668257

Taters all done. These were cooked on the grill.
View attachment 668258

The Steakhouse salad that Doug brought.
View attachment 668259

Not much of a spread but here it is, including the au jus that I made.
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Now for the moment of truth. I'm still experimenting with several aspects of this new smoker and think I'm getting it dialed in pretty tight. Three huge steaks...but I goofed up and didn't get a pic showing the full thickness of them. Trust me, they are massive. Beautiful edge to edge pink....exactly what I was shooting for with the low temp smoke session.
View attachment 668261

You already saw a plated shot but here ya go David ( @DRKsmoking ) this one is for you my friend :emoji_astonished:
View attachment 668262

And out to the patio we go!!
View attachment 668263

Wow....a truly amazing meal that redefined hedonism....and debauchery...and over-indulgence....and any other descriptor I can think of. This was the 4th weekend in a row that Rick has been here and the 2nd in a row for Doug. Last week Rick was in awe of the rich smokiness of the cherry smoked Striploin roast and how it got his primal juices flowing. I took this one up a notch or two and went with a heavier smoke flavor profile and it was astonishing with the simple seasoning of salt and pepper. The side dishes for this one were very, very good but secondary as this meal was all about the meat. The taters were a huge hit though and there were none left. Both of the guys just raved about them and I agree, they were very good but I was more interested in that monster chunk of prime rib.

Oh well, I guess I've gloated enough and will call this one done. Not something that will get done on a regular basis but it sure was fun to do it once :emoji_wink:

Take care and happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!! Make it a great day.

Definately looks amazing!
That sure is a pretty hunk of meat right there Robert - cooked perfectly I might add, but once again you posted it to the open forum before the judging is finalized. So you get another DQ for this effort, and I don't mean Dairy Queen. Keep trying old buddy. As the saying goes the third times a charm.

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